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Full Stack Tech Lead


Job description

Full Stack Tech Lead


Position: Frontend Technical Lead

Location: Oslo


We are a burgeoning start-up/scale-up consisting of 8 individuals dedicated to enhancing transparency within the first-time buyer segment of the mortgage industry.

"Our mission is to counteract the self-serving nature of banks by providing clarity in the market. Our platform enables users to compare mortgage terms and offerings, thus empowering individuals with knowledge and choice."

Currently, we have secured partnerships with major banks across the Nordics, and our service has already been utilized in over 170,000 mortgage applications. However, there remains a significant potential with another 1.3 million applications awaiting our solution.

Your Role:

Join us in spearheading development initiatives and shaping our future trajectory. In our dynamic and rapidly evolving environment, you'll have a distinct opportunity to assume leadership responsibilities and directly influence the evolution of our products and services. This role offers a comprehensive insight into the workings of a start-up, where you'll play a pivotal role in defining our strategic direction and overarching vision.

We're Seeking:

Expertise in frontend technologies, particularly Typescript and React. Proven track record in leading development teams and driving project delivery. Capability to actively contribute to design deliberations and translate concepts into viable frontend solutions. A discerning eye for design and user experience, with a passion for refining product aesthetics and usability. Willingness to undertake occasional backend tasks or delegate (utilizing Java), though the primary focus of this role is frontend (approximately 70/80%). If you're intrigued by this opportunity and eager to be part of our journey, please submit your CV to [email address].