A Tenth Revolution Group Company

Ref: GS023927_1707819774

Head of Cloud Operations and Service Desk


  • Up to CHF 140,000 CHF
  • Project Manager Role
  • Skills: Microsoft 365, Azure, Cisco, Migration, Microsoft Engineer, Active Directory, Documentation, ISO27001
  • Level: Senior

Job description

Head of Cloud Operations and Service Desk


*** Please note: Only dossiers with a valid EU passport/citizenship will be considered for this position ***

Role & Responsibilities

* Communicate effectively with customers and internal stakeholders to ensure prompt resolution of issues and alignment with business objectives.
* Lead internal projects related to cloud operations and service desk management, driving efficiency and excellence.
* Take a hands-on approach to IT operations, demonstrating strong technical proficiency in Microsoft products and services for both small and large businesses.
* Manage ticketing systems, documentation, and ensure compliance with relevant standards and regulations, such as ISO 27001 and ITIL.
* Maintain flexibility in working hours to accommodate Swiss German, German, and English-speaking stakeholders.
* Bachelor's degree preferred, with practical experience highly valued.
* Familiarity with cloud computing, ISO 27001, IT service management, and ITIL advantageous.

Skills & Qualifications

* Hands-on experience in small business environments, particularly with Microsoft technologies.
* Strong business acumen with a customer-oriented mindset.
* Proactive approach with excellent organizational and problem-solving skills.
* Ability to lead teams and drive business improvement initiatives.
* Open to candidates with diverse backgrounds and levels of experience, including older individuals with extensive hands-on experience in small business settings.

Notable Traits:

* Initiative and proactive planning.
* Effective organization and leadership skills.
* Business-focused mindset with a talent for problem-solving.
* Flexibility and adaptability to diverse tasks and challenges.


* Candidates from large enterprises with rigid processes are not suitable.
* Not seeking individuals solely focused on maintenance or administrative tasks.
* Emphasis on self-driven improvement and innovation, rather than delegation of responsibilities.


* Comprehensive benefits package offered, Flexible work arrangements (potentially up to 90%)
* Home office (up to 3 days per week)
* Further trainings provided