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Nigel Frank's Careers and Hiring Guide:
Microsoft 365 and Azure Edition 2023
The Microsoft 365 and Azure ecosystem's ultimate guide to the latest career insights, hiring trends, and salaries worldwide.

Welcome from our CMO

Watch my short introduction to this year's much-anticipated publication, crammed with the latest career and hiring insights every Microsoft 365 and Azure professional should know.

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Kashif Naqshbandi, Chief Marketing Officer
2023 key findings
Skills and certifications
Entry-level or pro, whatever stage you've reached, our findings will help to steer your career decisions on everything from which Microsoft stacks to specialize in and the most in-demand skillsets you need to master, to the certifications worthy of your time and investment to boost your employability and take-home pay.
Attracting and retaining talent
With more socially conscious candidates seeking employers who live and breathe their values— finding and hiring sought-after professionals is more competitive than ever. We profile the latest trends in the talent acquisition space that will set you apart from other employers and share insights on creating a happy workforce that will grow with your business.
Equality, diversity, and inclusion
What does the equality, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) landscape look like in the Microsoft 365 and Azure communities? Our findings delve into the latest EDI developments and trends in the global ecosystem, along with the policies and best practices that will drive real change in your organization and create a level playing field for all.
Rachel Wortman Morris, Ph.D.

As Director of Talent and Employability at Microsoft, I am one of several people behind our Microsoft Learn Career Connected program, which focuses on helping individuals who are new to tech – those coming out of school or those who are looking to change careers –  take advantage of the many technical skilling opportunities that exist and then connecting these newly skilled individuals to Microsoft partners and customers in need of talent. It's an exciting role at a very interesting time that gives me an incredible window into the careers of Microsoft professionals all around the globe.

Through this window I have the opportunity to see how the Microsoft technology stack is used by all kinds of individuals and in all sorts of businesses - from coffee shop owners to people organizing space launches! And that's what I find remarkable about getting skilled on Microsoft technologies.

For those who start building the technical skills, the opportunities are endless.

Job seeker or hiring manager -
why our guide is an essential read

Smash your job hunt
Smash your job hunt
Top tips on making your resume shine and landing your dream job.
Catapult your Microsoft career
Catapult your Microsoft career
Scale new heights in your current role with our industry insights.
Discover what you're worth
Discover what you're worth
Compare your salary to the latest market rates and uncover your earning potential.
Recruit the best Microsoft 365 and Azure talent
Recruit the best Microsoft 365 and Azure talent
Everything you need to know on attracting and retaining skilled Microsoft pros.

About our data
This publication is based on over 73,000 data points, including self-reported survey information from over 688 Microsoft 365 and Azure professionals worldwide between May and September 2022. Respondents span a range of industries, come from diverse personal and professional backgrounds, and cover a mix of professionals and hiring managers.

We've validated every survey response using robust statistical analysis and automated data validation rules to be included in the final results. Any data that didn't pass our validation rules and statistical analysis or were deemed questionable, incomplete, or duplicate were removed so that the results published are meaningful and accurate.