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Data Engineer


  • $120,000 to $125,000 USD
  • Consultant Poste
  • Compétences: Azure, Azure Databricks, MS SQL Server 2016, Python
  • Niveau: Mid-level

Description du poste

Data Engineer


Job Title: Mid-Level Data Engineer

Location: Duluth, Knoxville, or Texas (Remote work considered)

Position Type: Full-time

Salary: Market Rate ($110,000 - $120,000, with flexibility for exceptional candidates)

Role Description: As a Mid-Level Data Engineer, you will play a pivotal role in building and maintaining data pipelines and transformations. Working closely with our team of experienced professionals, you will have the opportunity to contribute to the development of our Medallion architecture while leveraging Azure, Databricks, SQL Server, Python, and Apache Parke.

Key Responsibilities:

* Collaborate with the team to design and implement data pipelines and transformations.
* Work closely with analysts and team leaders to build out the Medallion architecture.
* Utilize Azure, Databricks, SQL Server, Python, and Apache Parke to develop robust solutions.
* Take guidance from senior team members while also demonstrating independence and initiative.


* 2-3 years of experience in data engineering.
* Proficiency in Azure, Databricks, SQL Server, Python, and Apache Parke.
* Strong team fit and a positive attitude.
* Ability to work collaboratively with cross-functional teams.
* Excellent communication skills and a willingness to learn.


* Competitive salary with potential for a 5% bonus.
* Opportunity to work on exciting projects from inception to completion.
* Flexible work arrangements, including remote options.
* Dynamic and supportive team environment with opportunities for growth and development.

Application Process: Interested candidates should apply online and schedule a 30-minute initial call with Ken. Remote interviews are available, with a total time commitment of 2-3 hours. On-site interviews may be required but are not a deal-breaker. Candidates must be located in or willing to relocate to Duluth, Knoxville, or Texas.