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QA Tester

QA Tester_1710841198

Job Description
You will be working as a tester for the following projects at our company, which is the Japanese subsidiary l which has continued to grow rapidly since its establishment. *We are actively hiring due to expanding projects!

■You will communicate directly with Japanese customers (major manufacturers, etc.) and promote test work. *
Our PM will be in charge of requirements definition and design, and after that, the specifications will be communicated to the project team in Vietnam.

You will be responsible for the testing process, which will lead to offshore development and review of the subsequent deliverables.
[Project] Embedded system for multifunction device *Project can be changed according to your request
Experience in testing process in system development *Language ability not required
offshore development collaboration will become necessary due to Japan's labor shortage. Start now to gain experience collaborating with Vietnam's excellent engineers, increase your market value, and become a person who can be active globally!

・Those who are comfortable communicating with foreign nationals
・Those who are looking for a workplace where the relationship between superiors and subordinates is flat and open-minded
・Those who are interested in the latest technology
・Those who want to grow the company People who want to experience the experience together
/ People who are interested in the global environment