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Class of 2022: 40 Microsoft MVPs you should be following

By Lina Arshad

July is an incredibly exciting month for the Microsoft ecosystem.  

Not only does the tech giant announce all the exciting upcoming updates it’ll be rolling out during the annual Microsoft Inspire conference—it’s also the month in which those involved in the Microsoft ecosystem learn whether they’ve been handed out the all-time prestigious MVP award. And for some previous winners, whether they’ve been recognized again for their work within the community. 

But what is an MVP exactly? Simply put, the Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) award is given out to those tech experts making a positive impact in the Microsoft community. Launched in 1993, the MVP program is one of the most highly valued and sought-after awards, recognizing the hard work, and incredible passion behind these invaluable contributions make to the community.  

Currently, the MVP community is spread across 90 countries or regions and is made up of tech experts and community leaders. The common thread among the members of this incredible community is their passion for the technology, their urge to always be one step ahead and work with new technologies, their in-depth knowledge of Microsoft products and services, as well as their desire to use both knowledge and passion to solve real world problems.  

MVPs can be technical content creators, technical community leaders, tech advocates on social media, regular contributors to GitHub, or even well-known speakers in the community. There’s one thing MVPs can’t be though—and that is Microsoft employees. In fact, this advocacy cannot be part of their day job, but must be done in their spare time for the community’s benefit.  

If you’re looking for more information about the Microsoft MVP awards, take some time to read our complete guide to how (and why) to become a Microsoft MVP 

Following MVPs on Twitter and LinkedIn, as well as their own blogs is a great way to keep your knowledge about Microsoft products and services up to speed, while also having your finger on the pulse of industry developments.  

So, in this blog, we’re sharing some of the many remarkable pros making waves in the ecosystem. And while we’d like to send our congratulations to all the new and renewed MVPs, the following is a list of the ones that caught our eye. 

Enterprise Mobility MVPs

Maurice Daly

Award category: Enterprise Mobility
First MVP award: 2017
Number of MVP Awards: 6
Twitter: @modaly_it
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mauricedaly/ 

Maurice has been working in the IT industry for over 20 years, focusing on Systems Administration, Group Policies, Active Directory, Hyper-V, and Windows Deployment, and is currently a Principal Cloud Architect at Cloudway AS.  

But that’s not all—Maurice shares knowledge and PowerShell script examples/tools for MDT, ConfigMgr & Office365 to the wider IT community by blogging, as well as through public speaking.  

Sandy Zeng 

Award category: Enterprise Mobility
First MVP award: 2018
Number of MVP Awards: 5
Twitter: @sandy_tsang
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sandy-tsang/  

Sandy is an IT Specialist and holds 10 years of experience, with her areas of expertise being Microsoft Endpoint Manager (ConfigMgr and Intune), Windows 10, and security. She’s passionate about anything related to Microsoft Technologies and loves learning new skill sets to better her professional career as well as her hobbies.  

She is currently a Cloud Architect at CloudWay. 

Michael Mardahl

Award category: Enterprise Mobility
First MVP award: 2021
Number of MVP awards: 2
Blog: https://msendpointmgr.com/
Twitter: @michael_mardahl 

Michael Mardahl is a Microsoft Certified Cloud Architect and has over 20 years of experience working in the IT industry. Starting his career as a Network Administrator in the logistics industry, Michael now specializes in customer journeys from classic infrastructure to cloud consumption, specifically focusing on security and identity.  

He was very early to share his passion for cloud technology and continues to do so within the community by regularly blogging about Microsoft cloud technology on a website alongside other pivotal members of the Microsoft ecosystem. 

Peter van der Woude

Award category: Enterprise Mobility
First MVP award: 2015
Number of MVP awards: 8
Blog: https://www.petervanderwoude.nl/
Twitter: @pvanderwoude 

Peter van der Woude specializes in designing and implementing Microsoft enterprise mobility solutions. He is experienced using PowerShell and working with technologies including ConfigMgr, Microsoft Intune, Windows 10, and Azure AD.  

Outside of his day job as the Principal Consultant at InSpark, Peter’s passion for the industry means he is always seeking opportunities to share his knowledge with the community. As well as writing for his own blog, he can often be found speaking at events including Experts Live, TechSummit and Workplace Ninja’s Summit. 

Sander Berkouwer

Award category: Enterprise Mobility
First MVP award: 2009
Number of MVP awards: 14
Blog: https://dirteam.com/
Twitter: @sanderberkouwer 

Sander Berkouwer is currently a CTO at Microsoft Cloud Specialist, SCCT. With such a strong passion for all things enterprise mobility, Sander strives to make a difference to the community outside of his day job—and we think you’ll agree his 14 MVP awards show he’s doing a great job of it! 

When he’s not writing contributions for the blog he shares with a team of other IT professionals, you can find Sander presenting podcasts, writing books and hosting masterclasses to help other keen Microsoft talent to develop their skillset and knowledge. 

Cloud and Datacenter Management MVPs

Damien Van Robaeys 

Award Category: Cloud and Datacenter Management
First MVP award: 2017
Number of MVP Awards: 6
Twitter: @syst_and_deploy
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/damien-van-robaeys-2a648627/ 

Based in Paris, France, Damien is a Modern Workplace consultant, with focus on PowerShell, Intune, MECM, and anything related to automation. In his book, ‘PowerShell et WPF’, Damien aims to help readers understand how to combine PowerShell and WPF to develop graphical interfaces used for managing PowerShell script-initiated tasks. Similarly, Damien also shares knowledge and updates several platforms, including his own blog, Syst & Deploy.  

Data Platform MVPs 

Kerry Kolosko 

Award category: Data Platform
First MVP award: 2021
Number of MVP Awards: 1
Twitter: @KerryKolosko
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kerrykolosko/ 

A self-defined “data viz enthusiast”, Kerry shares her knowledge and learnings in reporting, data visualization, and data storytelling on her blog, kerrykolosko.com. With a great passion for the arts, and a background in business and social sciences, her blog includes everything from how-to’s, to creative experiments, and interpretations of the psychology of design. Based in Australia, Kerry is an Associate Manager – Insights and Data ad Capgemini.  

Shabnam Watson

Award category: Data Platform
First MVP award: 2020
Number of MVP awards: 2
Blog: https://shabnamwatson.wpcomstaging.com/
Twitter: @shbwatson 

Shabnam Watson holds over 20 years of experience developing Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence Solutions, working across several industries including Supply Chain, Finance, Retail, Insurance, and Health Care. Her main areas of interest include Power BI, Analysis Services, Performance Tuning, PowerShell, DevOps, Azure, Natural Language Processing, and AI.  

With two MVP awards and such a breadth and depth of knowledge under her belt, Shabnam regularly speaks and volunteers at both local and national user groups and conferences to help others develop their knowledge in the community.  

Business Applications MVPs

Jeevarajan Kumar 

Award category: Business Applications
First MVP award: 2019
Number of MVP Awards: 3
Twitter: @Jeevarajan04
Blog: https://crmindian.com/ 

A tech enthusiast, Microsoft Certified Trainer, active speaker, and community contributor, Jeevarajan is passionate about sharing his love for technology by speaking and writing about it. Outside of his daily duties as a Solution Architect, Jeevarajan also organizes Microsoft Business Applications UF and events in Singapore, and co-organizes in ASEAN countries Microsoft BizApps community, as well as Power Apps for Kids APAC.  

Jeevarajan is an ambassador as well as a frequent contributor to communities such as 365 Saturday and TDG.  

Dawid van Heerden 

Award category: Business Applications
First MVP award: 2019
Number of MVP Awards: 3
Twitter: @davestechtips
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dawid-vanheerden/  

An IT specialist and executive, Dawid has covered roles in various areas of Microsoft in his 20 years’ experience within the industry—including positions in infrastructure, to business process development.  

In 2004, Dawid founded Ukuvuma Solutions, a South African IT company specializing in cloud computing, ICT support, and consulting services. As its Modern Workplace Director, Dawid shares his passion for innovation, integration, and strategy, as well as his in-depth knowledge in the Microsoft Power Platform through his work with high-end projects. 

Stefano Demiliani

Award category: Business Applications and Microsoft Azure
First MVP award: 2018
Number of MVP awards: 5
Blog: https://demiliani.com/
Twitter: @demiliani

Stefano Demiliani has over 15 years’ worth of experience, working with international projects with the Microsoft Dynamics ERP platform, Azure and other Microsoft technologies. He’s currently a full-time Solutions Architect and CRO for EID NAVLAB group, where his day-to-day involves architecting and developing enterprise solutions based on the entire stack of Microsoft.  

However, his work with Microsoft doesn’t stop there. Stefano is also a published author of various Microsoft-related books. speaker on different conferences around Europe and trainer for Microsoft Italy and Western Europe. He’s also a Community Moderator in the Microsoft Dynamics official community and was named “Top Influencer” for the Microsoft Dynamics world.  

But that’s not it! Stefano also publishes regular technical articles on his website, about everything from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, to Azure and other related Microsoft technologies. Since its launch in 2003, his website has garnered more than 200,000 monthly visits, and was recognized as one of the top 20 blogs in the Microsoft’s world. It comes to no surprise that Stefano won not just one, but two MVP awards this year—one in Business Applications, and another in Microsoft Azure.  

Chris Huntingford 

Award category: Business Applications
First MVP award: 2018
Number of MVP awards: 2
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/ChrisHuntingford
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/chrishuntingford/
Twitter: @thatplatformguy 

Chris Huntingford is a Global Power Apps Lead with an affinity for everything technology, especially Power Platform. He is an exceptionally creative and sociable person and believes that technology provides him with the outlet he needs to show his true authentic self and feels most fulfilled when he’s creating something.  

Chris loves working with the digital building blocks provided by Microsoft to create solutions and solve problems and is passionate about bringing people together to talk about what can be created and how these solutions can be used to change and improve the way organizations work.  

When he’s not problem solving and tinkering around with the latest tech, you can find Chris playing the drums, and attending as many social gatherings as possible. He continues to make great contributions to the Microsoft ecosystem outside of his day job, including volunteering at workshops, speaking at conferences, and running Microsoft 365 Hackathon’s for avid tech users who want to put their skills to the test. He is also the site owner of the Power Community Virtual Events Hub where like-minded individuals can sign up to be a member and register for upcoming events.  

M365 Development MVPs

Smita Nachan 

Award category: M365 Development
First MVP award: 2021
Number of MVP Awards: 2
Twitter: @SmitaNachan
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/smitanachan/ 

With over 14 years of SharePoint experience behind her, Smita is a Certified ScrumMaster® (CSM), and Certified SharePoint professional with experience in design, implementation, configuration, and maintenance of large-scale projects.  

Smita is an avid speaker at various community events, including SPS, Global Microsoft 365 Developer Bootcamp, and Global Power Platform Bootcamp.  

Developer Technologies MVPs

Loiane Groner 

Award category: Developer Technologies
First MVP award: 2017
Number of MVP Awards: 5
Twitter: @loiane
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/loiane/  

Florida-based Loiane is a Software Developer with over 15 years of experience, currently working as a Software Engineer at an American financial institution. Passionate about sharing her knowledge and passion with the community, Loiane is also a Google Developer Expert in Angular and a Java Champion and has also written and published books for Packt Publishing.  

Loiane also teaches workshops and speaks during conferences about Java, JavaScript, Sencha, Ionic, Angular, TypeScript, and reactive programming/design. 

On https://loiane.training, Loiane publishes articles in both English and Portuguese, and offers free courses in Portuguese too.  

Robert Boedigheimer  

Award category: Developer Technologies
First MVP award: 2008
Number of MVP awards: 15
Blog: https://weblogs.asp.net/boedie
Twitter: @boedie 

Robert Boedigheimer is a 15-time Microsoft MVP winner and specializes in providing business solutions using web technologies. With a rich IT background, Robert puts his experience and expertise forward to help others, regularly speaking at national and international events, including this year’s THAT conference WI.  

As well as gaining MVP status, Robert is also a Progress Ninja, an ASPInsider and a Pluralsight author. He’s even found the time to become a 3rd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do—talk about multitalented! 

Dario Gabriel Kondratiuk

Award category: Developer Technologies
First MVP award: 2020
Number of MVP awards: 3
Blog: http://www.hardkoded.com/
Twitter: @hardkoded 

Dario Kondratiuk is a Software Developer with over 20 years of experience developing high-quality software. He is also the author of Puppeteer-Sharp and Microsoft Playwright-Sharp, as well as the author of UI testing book with Puppeteer. 

Outside of his day job, Dario continues sharing his passion for web development through his blog. Here, he posts about everything .NET and coding, including the latest updates with Puppeteer-Sharp and Playwright-Sharp, as well as his own professional news.  

Jürgen Gutsch

Award category: Developer Technologies
First MVP award: 2015
Number of MVP awards: 8
Blog: https://asp.net-hacker.rocks/
Twitter: @sharpcms 

Jürgen Gutsch is a Software Developer, Trainer, Consultant, and Project Manager at YOO AG. He first got into web development back in 2001 when he tried his hand with the beta versions of .NET 1.0 and has been working with ASP.NET since 2002. He works to extend, reduce, and transform ASP.NET Core and .NET Core Applications to solve problems and ultimately, make customers happy.  

In his spare time, Jürgen writes for his own blog as well as making contributions to .NET magazines and leads a .NET user group in Basel, and up until 2015 he also led the Konstanz-Kreuzlingen .NET user group. 

Sarah Dutkiewicz

Award category: Developer Technologies
First MVP award: 2009
Number of MVP awards: 14
Blog: https://www.sadukie.com/
Twitter: @sadukie 

Sarah Dutkiewicz has been working within the technical realm since the late 90s and has worn many hats, including that of Technical Support, Manager, Desktop Support, Server Administrator, Database Administrator, Developer, Instructor, and Mentor. Sarah has experience in both waterfall and Agile development and can transition teams from waterfall to Agile.  

Sarah is an incredibly active member of the Microsoft community, acting as an organizer, speaker, facilitator, author, editor, reviewer, blogger, and advocate. In giving so much back to the community, it’s no surprise that this is her 14th MVP award.  

Microsoft Azure MVPs

Jonah Andersson 

Award category: Microsoft Azure
First MVP award: 2021
Number of MVP Awards: 2
Twitter: @cjkodare
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jonahandersson/  

A Microsoft Azure MVP, Software Engineer (Fullstack.NET), Microsoft Certified Azure Developer, Microsoft Certified Trainer—Jonah has many achievements under her belt. She currently works as an IT Consultant, covering roles such as Software Development and DevOps Engineer/Lead in Sweden.  

Jonah shares her technical knowledge about Azure by frequently posting on her blog  https://www.jonahandersson.tech as well as her social media, speaking at events and mentoring and is currently writing a book called ‘Learning Microsoft Azure’—a technical book aimed to teach IT professionals and developers to get started with Microsoft’s cloud platform.  

Committed to making the tech industry a fairer industry for all, Jonah advocates gender equality, diversity, and inclusion. 

She’s also the founder and one of the community leaders of Azure User Group Sweden. 

Ned Bellavance

Award category: Microsoft Azure
First MVP award: 2017
Number of MVP Awards: 6
Twitter: @Ned1313
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ned-bellavance-ba68a52/ 

In his 20+ years of experience, Ned has worn many hats within the tech industry—a Helpdesk Operator, Systems Administrator, Cloud Architect, and a Product Manager. Currently, he is the founder of Ned in the Cloud LLC, and develops courses for Pluralsight, runs two podcasts—one for Packet Pushers, and another for himself—and creates original content for technology vendors. 

Sandro Pereira 

Award category: Microsoft Azure
First MVP award: 2011
Number of MVP awards: 12
Blog: https://blog.sandro-pereira.com/
Twitter: @sandro_asp 

A twelve-time MVP award winner, Sandro Pereira specializes in Enterprise Integration for both on-premises and cloud environments, using Microsoft Azure—specifically API Management, API Apps, Service Bus, Logic Apps, as well as Microsoft BizTalk Server and technologies like AS2, EDI, RosettaNet, SAP, TIBCO and more.  

His contributions to the Microsoft ecosystem don’t stop there. On top of his Enterprise Integration work, Sandro is also a keen blogger, international speaker, author and co-author, and technical reviewer for BizTalk books based on Integration topics. You can even find him regularly guest blogging over on the BizTalk360 and Serverless360 blogs. As such an active member of the community, it doesn’t take a genius to work out why Sandro has been an MVP since 2011.  

Ivana Tilca 

Award categories: Microsoft Azure and Artificial Intelligence
First MVP award: 2020
Number of MVP awards: 3
Blog: https://ivatilca.wordpress.com/
Twitter: @ivanatilca  

Ivana Tilca is not the holder of just one, but two MVP awards; one in Microsoft Azure and the other in Artificial Intelligence. She started her career journey off working in Information Systems in her hometown of Salta, and shortly after broke into the Microsoft community as a Microsoft Student Partner.  

Since this, Ivana’s Microsoft career has gone from strength to strength with her winning her first MVP award for Artificial Intelligence. She currently works at 3XM Group where she holds the role of Quality Manager.  

Pradeep Kandel

Award category: Microsoft Azure
First MVP awarded: 2016
Number of MVP awards: 6
Twitter: @pradeepkandel  

Pradeep Kandel has more than a decade’s experience working with various software products, programs, projects and technologies. He is currently employed as a Cloud Consultant and CoE Manager, with a background working in product management to help accelerate cloud migration planning and analysis landscape within the SaaS sector.  

And his contributions to the Microsoft ecosystem don’t stop at his day job—Pradeep founded and led the Windows Server-based Professional User Group known as Win Server Group (WSG) in Nepal for over 6 years. This group benefitted over 6,000 professionals by hosting meet ups, workshops, conferences and more events helping tech professionals to stay up to date.  

Gregor Reimling

Award category: Microsoft Azure
First MVP award: 2018
Number of MVP awards: 4
Blog: https://www.reimling.eu/
Twitter: @gregorreimling 

Gregor Reimling currently works as a Cloud Architect within Azure, firstly being recognized for his fantastic contributions to the Microsoft community back in 2018 with this year’s award taking him to his 4th year being awarded an MVP. Gregor holds a degree in Business Informatics and during these studies, owned a small consulting company, advising SMEs how their current IT landscape could be modernized and what cloud solutions could be implemented to streamline and simplify it.  

His passion for Azure sees him regularly writing insightful posts for his own blogs, as well as co-hosting the “Cloud Inspires” podcast with fellow Microsoft Azure MVP and Cloud Architect, Thomas Naunheim. The podcast focuses on the people and stories behind various digital transformations. But that’s not all!  Gregor also founded the Azure Bonn meet up; a local Azure user group located near Cologne.  

Rick van den Bosch

Award category: Microsoft Azure
First MVP award: 2019
Number of MVP awards: 4
Blog: https://www.rickvandenbosch.net/
Twitter: @rickvdbosch 

Rick van den Bosch has been working in software development since 1999 and has worked with Microsoft Azure since it was first introduced. Over his career journey, he has held many different roles within IT including Developer, Lead Developer, Team Lead, Project Leader, and Software Architect, eventually expanding his architecture skills to focus on Cloud Architecture.  

Rick’s current role is with Betabit, working as a Principal Cloud Architect. Where possible, Rick loves the chance to share his cloud knowledge and can be found speaking at various industry events or hosting the Betatalks podcast.  

Rahul Rai

Award category: Microsoft Azure
First MVP award: 2020
Number of MVP awards: 2
Blog: https://thecloudblog.net/
Twitter: @rahulrai_in 

Rahul Rai is a technology enthusiast and a Software Engineer at heart. He has over 12 years of hands-on experience in cloud and web technologies and works to apply emerging technologies and processes to streamline enterprise technology operations. With so much leadership experience behind him, and currently holding a Group Product Manager Role at Logic Monitor, he has successfully established and led engineering teams and designed enterprise applications to help solve businesses’ organizational challenges.  

Outside of his day job, Rahul ensures he’s still contributing to the Microsoft ecosystem by authoring books, offering free workshops, and frequently posting on his own blog to share his own insights and help break down complex topics for other current and aspiring Microsoft professionals. 

Artificial Intelligence MVPs

Rodrigo Díaz Concha 

Award category: AI
First MVP award: 2009
Number of MVP Awards: 14
Twitter: @rdiazconcha
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rdiazconcha/  

Winner of 14 MVP awards this far, Rodrigo is a Solutions Architect, Microsoft Regional Director, and Microsoft MVP with over 22 years of experience.  

Not only is Rodrigo a certified and experienced professional—he also loves sharing his knowledge and passion with the wider tech community. He has also written the first books about Silverlight 5 and Xamarin.Forms in Spanish.  

As a LinkedIn Learning author, Rodrigo creates professional training courses about Azure and .NET technologies in both English and Spanish. Plus, he’s a frequent speaker at events all over Latin America, the US, and Europe, and provides mentoring and training services focused on cloud solutions as a Partnering Consultant at Solliance. 

Håkan Silfvernagel 

Award category: AI
First MVP award: 2020
Number of MVP Awards: 3
Twitter: @agrevlis
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hakansilfvernagel/  

Previously covering roles as a Developer, Tester, Architect, Project Manager, Scrum Master, Practice Manager and team lead, Håkan has 20 years of experience, and is now a consultant. Prior to this, he has worked as a Human Computer Interaction Researcher in the process industry, with a focus on process automation and robotics.  

Håkan is also part of the Norwegian .NET User Group Oslo (NNUG), and an active ambassador for Oslo.AI, the local branch for the global City.AI community. 

Jamie Maguire 

Award category: AI
First MVP award: 2019
Number of MVP Awards: 4
Twitter: @jamie_maguire1
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jamiemaguiredotnet/ 

Jamie is a Software Architect and Technical Author—passionate about AI and implementing its technologies to improve systems across a wide range of businesses. In his 20 years of experience, he has collaborated on many projects including working with Twitter, National Geographic and University of Michigan.  

Jamie is also an active member and contributor of the tech community, and regularly publishes material to encourage and promote the use of AI and .NET technologies, both on his website as well as on other platforms. And has even founded his own social media analytics and content creation platform, Social Opinion. He is also one of the co-authors of a book, written with 16 fellow MVPs on how Microsoft AI can be implemented in the real-world.  

Eve Pardi

Award category: Artificial Intelligence
First MVP award: 2020
Number of MVP awards: 3
Blog: https://codewitheve.azurewebsites.net/
Twitter: @Evepardi 

Eve Pardi has been working closely within the Microsoft ecosystem since her first years of university and has worked with Azure Infrastructure (Azure AD, Datacenters, etc), Mobile and Web Development, and today has expanded her focus to Data Science and the Machine Learning services within Microsoft.  

She is a skilled Software Developer and Data Scientist and frequently writes articles about her projects and research, as well as mentoring other aspiring professionals who want to break into the Data Science and AI realms. On top of this, she is also a familiar face at many conferences, meet-ups, and community events where she shares just how pivotal and useful AI will be in improving life quality around the world. 

M365 Apps & Services MVPs

Kat Greenan 

Award category: M365 Apps & Services
First MVP award: 2022
Number of MVP Awards: 1
Twitter: @GreenanKat
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/katgreenan/  

First-time MVP winner, Kat Greenan is a UK-based Microsoft Solutions Specialist at Core Technology Systems, working with organizations to help them plan and understand the business value of implementing business collaboration and information management technologies. 

A frequent conference speaker, and co-host of a tech podcast called Cloud Conversations, Kat also regularly publishes blogs on websites like Practical 365, Petri.com, and her site collabwithkat.com. 

Steve Knutson 

Award category: M365 Apps & Services
First MVP award: 2017
Number of MVP Awards: 6
Twitter: @nztechtweet
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/steveknutsonnz 

Steve is a SharePoint and Microsoft 365 consultant—with experience in Intranet, document management, SharePoint migrations, and Team deployments. Throughout his 25+ years of experience in the IT industry, Steve has worked within Solutions Architecture, Systems Engineering, Business Continuity, Software Development, and IT planning and strategy in the local government, finance, legal, state-owned enterprise, and education sectors. 

In 2011, Steve founded Technology Partners, a software development and SharePoint consultancy, delivering solutions on Microsoft Azure, SharePoint, and Office 365. 

Sandra Johnson 

Award category: M365 Apps & Services
First MVP award: 2008
Number of MVP Awards: 14
Twitter: @PPTWiz
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/powerpointmvp/  

Sandra’s contributions in PowerPoint have been recognized since 2008, but her work within the industry started way before that. In 2001, she launched her own presentation design business, helping businesses understand what PowerPoint can truly do for their businesses, and to transform their personal or corporate brand.  

As part of her speaker readiness and message development work, Sandra partners with Personal Branding Expert, Kathleen Crandall of Meaningful Connections to deliver all-round speaker readiness experience, such as C-suite keynotes, session speakers, and moderators.  

Glenna R. Shaw 

Award category: M365 Apps & Services
First MVP award: 2004
Number of MVP Awards: 19
Twitter: @glennashaw
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/glennashaw/  

With over two decades of experience creating data visualizations in the form of presentations, project management tools, dashboards, demos, prototypes and system user interfaces, Glenna is a Certified Project Management Professional specializing in creating Microsoft Office files that are fully accessible to persons using assistive technology.   

Glenna, also known as PowerPoint Magician, is the author of the well-known PowerPak for PowerPoint series, an innovative collection of lesson and educational game templates.   

An active member of the PowerPoint Community, Glenna has been a spotlight speaker at events, edits books and training courses and teaches advanced PowerPoint and Word classes.  She has also written tutorials on using sensory psychology with presentations on her visualology.net blog. 

Cindy Lewis 

Award category: M365 Apps & Services
First MVP award: 2012
Number of MVP Awards: 10
Twitter: @LewisCindy
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/cindylewis2/  

Cindy has been in the project management field for over 25 years, and in her consultant role, she assists customers in Microsoft Project, Project Management, and Agile methods. Being extremely passionate about training, Cindy teaches multiple classes at all levels in Microsoft Project, Project for the web, and Project Online. 

But that’s not all! As a professional speaker, Cindy regularly delivers talks to professional groups, serves on different community boards, and has participated as a subject matter expert in Microsoft Project initiatives all over the world. 

Cindy has also published a book called Microsoft Project Step by Step.  

Julie Terberg 

Award category: M365 Apps & Services
First MVP award: 2005
Number of MVP Awards: 17
Twitter: @julieterberg
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/julie-terberg/  

Winner of an astounding 17 MVP awards, Julie has decades of experience in the presentation industry, and is the founder of Terberg Design—a creative studio creating presentations to better communicate with audience.  

As a presentation expert, Julie shares her knowledge and passion in industry conferences, including the Presentation Summit and the Present to Succeed conference. She was also a Founding Director of the non-profit Presentation Guild, and host of the Inspired by Design webinar series, exclusively produced for Guild members.  

She recently also added publishing ‘Building PowerPoint Templates, Version 2’ with co-author Echo Swinford to her long list of achievements.  

Vesa Nopanen  

Award category: M365 Apps and Services
First MVP awarded: 2019
Number of MVP awards: 4
Blog: https://mymetaverseday.com/
Twitter: @vesanopanen 

Vesa Nopanen (also known as Mr. Metaverse) is a Principal Consultant for Metaverse and the Future Work. His efforts within the Microsoft ecosystem have seen him win 4 MVPs since 2019, and Vesa shows no signs of slowing down.  

Beginning his career in the pre-2000s period, Vesa was a Software Developer, eventually expanding to work with SQL databases as a developer, DBA, and lead. He thanks his skills in Business Intelligence, Project Management, Team Lead, Office 365, SharePoint, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Cloud, Microsoft Teams, and other applications for his success in his current role and the Metaverse and Future Work ecosystem.   

Sarah Haase

Award category: M365 Apps & Services
First MVP award: 2018
Number of MVP awards: 5
Blog: http://blog.splibrarian.com 
Twitter: @sarahhaase 

Sarah Haase is an Enterprise Collaboration Strategist, Corporate Librarian, and Product Manager for implementing enterprise-level Microsoft 365 governance, compliance, and adoption.  

Outside of her daily roles, Sarah contributes to the Microsoft community through sharing her insights and knowledge on the M365 Voice podcast which she collaborates on with other members of the ecosystem. She can also frequently be found speaking at events and she even organizes SharePoint Saturday Twin Cities, which is an interactive event where SharePoint professionals and MVPs get together to host and attend sessions where they share their knowledge. 

Matti Paukkonen

Award category: M365 Apps and Services
First MVP award: 2020
Number of MVP awards: 3
Blog: https://mattipaukkonen.com/
Twitter: @mpaukkonen 

Matti Paukkonen is currently a Cloud Advisor at Tahto Group. He has a background of over 15 years working with Microsoft technologies and has experience in many roles including Developer, Technical Team Lead, Architect and Consultant. 

His Microsoft career journey so far has given him a breadth and depth of knowledge that he loves to share. Whether it’s by hosting workshops or co-organizing the Teams Community Finland which is a group of Teams fanatics, end users, developers, and consultants in Finland, Matti takes any opportunity to help others develop their knowledge.  

Mary Angiela Cerbolles

Award categories: M365 Apps & Services, Business Applications
First MVP award: 2020
Number of MVP awards: 2
Blog: https://anjcerbolles.com/
Twitter: @anjcerbolles 

Mary Angiela Cerbolles (also known as Anj) is a double MVP award winner for the Business Applications and M365 Apps & Services categories. Anj’s career journey started in 2012 when her manager at the time asked her to learn SharePoint which introduced her to the world of Microsoft. When Microsoft 365 was released, her expertise widened, and her interest piqued towards another area of the ecosystem.  

Today, she is a Productivity Analyst with a strong focus on Microsoft 365 suite, Power Platform including Power Apps & Power Automate and Microsoft 365. She loves to help the tech community as much as she can which means you can often find her speaking or mentoring at various conferences, workshops, and events. 

Congratulations to all new and re-awarded MVPs! Your contributions to the community help to keep the ecosystem as innovative, forward-thinking, and reactive as it is today. Whether you help other professionals by blogging help and advice topics, deliver workshops to explain complex topics in greater detail, or you head for the big stage at key events in the Microsoft calendar, your input into our ecosystem is incredibly valuable and appreciated.  

Enjoy this year’s award and we look forward to seeing how each of you progress within the community in the coming years.  

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