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System Operations Manager


Descrizione posizione

System Operations Manager


Job Description:

Join our renowned trash bag manufacturer, operating two cutting-edge facilities in New York and Texas for over 40 years. As a family-owned business, we prioritize exceptional customer service and continuous innovation. Our commitment has earned us the Best Customer Service Award from ISSA. Embracing new technology, we maintain our core values, producing exclusively in the USA and treating every customer with utmost professionalism. This position is based at our Orangeburg, NY facility, reporting to the Director of Information Technology.

Fully On-Site Position

Role Overview:

We seek a dynamic Systems Operations Manager with software development expertise to lead IT projects and data systems management. With a proven track record in technical operations and management, you will support our current systems.



Project Planning and Execution:

* Develop and execute comprehensive project plans.
* Ensure adherence to timelines and budget constraints.
* Monitor progress and mitigate risks.


Incident Management:

* Implement robust incident response procedures.
* Minimize downtime and address technical issues promptly.


Stakeholder Collaboration:

* Align IT projects with organizational goals.
* Communicate updates and successes to stakeholders.


Resource Management:

* Allocate resources effectively for successful project delivery.


Risk Management:

* Identify and mitigate potential risks to project timelines and objectives.


Quality Assurance:

* Ensure IT projects meet quality standards and regulatory requirements.
* Conduct thorough testing and validation processes.



* Maintain detailed project documentation.


* Strong understanding of IT systems.
* Hands-on experience with .NET, SQL, and ERP systems.
* Proficiency in ++ programming.
* Proven managerial experience.
* Experience in manufacturing environments.
* Bachelor's degree in IT, Computer Science, or related field.
* Excellent leadership and communication skills.
* Ability to thrive in a dynamic work environment.