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Whatever the Microsoft Cloud role, use our guide to benchmark your salary or contact rate, or to uncover what you should be paying employees in your team.

Ever wonder what skills you need to work as a Dynamics Developer? Or which jobs can put you on the road to becoming an Azure Technical Architect? How about what kind of certifications you should be looking for when hiring an Azure Cloud Engineer to help you get more out of Microsoft?

In our Career Spotlights section, we break down everything you need to know about eight core Microsoft job roles, from what candidates need to know to how much they can expect to earn.

Click on the cards below to discover in-depth insights into popular Microsoft roles, including what you can do to develop your career and what skills to look for when hiring:

Want the highlights from this year's Careers and Hiring Guide at a glance? Our key findings report contains our top level insight and salary tables, so you can compare your own salary or benchmark your teams' across the Microsoft ecosystem.