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What are the best resources to learn about Microsoft Cloud?

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Respondent-recommended YouTube Channels


Respondent-recommended YouTube Channels

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How do professionals like to learn about Microsoft Cloud?

Unofficial step-by-step tutorials 24%
In-person / instructor-led training 23%
Books 20%
Games and challenges 12%
Community-led learning cohorts 12%
Hack sessions 9%
Other 2%
Official Microsoft step-by-step tutorials 59%
Videos and demos 58%
On-the-job training 50%
Hands-on Labs 47%
Detailed product documentation 32%
Online forums and groups 28%

What resources are professionals using to increase their knowledge of Microsoft Cloud?

Microsoft Learn
0 %
Microsoft technical documentation
0 %
Microsoft Tech Community
0 %
Microsoft Cloud Skills Challenge 25%
Exam prep videos on Microsoft Learn 21%
Coursera 20%
Practice Assessments on Microsoft Learn 19%
Pluralsight 15%
Instructor-led training with Microsoft Learning Partners 14%
Pearson Vue Microsoft Official Practice Tests 14%
Learning Rooms at Microsoft Learn Community 10%
Other 11%
‘Other’ responses include YouTube tutorials, LinkedIn Learning, and Udemy.

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