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Whatever the Microsoft Cloud role, use our guide to benchmark your salary or contact rate, or to uncover what you should be paying employees in your team.

Microsoft has long been a backbone of business technology, and following its concentration on the cloud space, it continues to be the leading provider of innovative digital business solutions. Microsoft skills are in demand, and new roles are emerging as technologists seek to help businesses take advantage of cloud technology—specialists in data, AI, and security are particularly sought-after across every industry.

If you’re looking to build a sustainable, rewarding career in Microsoft, there are opportunities aplenty. And being ready to seize those opportunities means knowing what options are out there, what skills businesses want to see in candidates, and what they’re prepared to offer to get them. In this section, we’ll dive into life as a Microsoft professional, and what’s currently on offer in the jobs market.

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Go-to insights if you’re a job seeker

Whether you’re looking for a permanent or contract role, we’ve compiled essential insights to help you advance your career and remain competitive in the market:

Insights for permanent Microsoft professionals

We examine what’s on offer from employers and identify what factors can boost your earning potential
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Insights for Microsoft contractors

Our findings explore what it’s like to work freelance in the Microsoft universe
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