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Voor Vast en tijdelijk, Intelligent Cloud in United States


    Azure/Security Architect

    District of Columbia, USA

    • $180,000 to $190,000 USD
    • Consultant Functie
    • Vaardigheden: Azure
    • Seniority: Senior


    As the Azure Security Architect you will be working fully remote but will need expertise in Entra ID Single Sign-On (SSO) implementation and management. The candidate will focus on migrating authentication and applications from other Identity Providers to Entra ID and securing authorization with Conditional Access. Secondary responsibilities include expertise in Microsoft Email Security, implementing Microsoft Defender for Office 365 (MDO), Exchange Online Protection (EOP), Office Message Encryption (OME), and email authentication protocols like DMARC, DKIM, and SPF. Knowledge in M365 Security, including Microsoft Defender, Purview, Azure Security, and Cloud Security, is also valuable.

    Key Responsibilities:



    SSO Implementation and Management:

    * Architect and implement SSO solutions using SAML, OIDC, OAuth, etc.
    * Lead migration of SSO applications to Entra ID.
    * Integrate Entra ID with enterprise applications.


    Identity and Access Management:

    * Knowledge of SCIM, REST provisioning.
    * Expertise in Microsoft Entra Connect and Cloud Connect sync.
    * Design authentication methods, Conditional Access policies.
    * Manage user identities, roles, and access rights.


    Continuous Improvement:

    * Stay updated with trends in identity and access management.
    * Recommend improvements for SSO and IAM infrastructure.


    Email Security Solutions:

    * Implement email security solutions using MDO, EOP, OME.
    * Manage SPF, DKIM, and DMARC configurations.
    * Assist in migrating from other secure email gateways.
    * Guide clients on Phishing Simulation Training.

    Additional Areas of Expertise:


    M365 Security:

    * Deep understanding of Conditional Access, MFA.
    * Knowledge of Microsoft Defender, Purview.
    * Implement advanced security measures in M365 environments.