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Azure Sentinel Developer


  • €4,000 to €5,000 EUR
  • Developer/Programmer Functie
  • Vaardigheden: Azure Sentinel, Azure Sentinel Rule, KQL, Azure Sentinel Developer
  • Niveau: Mid-level


Azure Sentinel Developer


Azure Sentinel Rule Developer - Permanent Hire -

My client is an innovative software company based in Finland actively seeking a talented individual skilled in Azure Sentinel Rule development to join their dynamic team. Specializing in tailored solutions aimed at boosting productivity, quality, and security for businesses, they prioritize customer satisfaction and continuously support projects throughout their lifecycle.

Join a closely-knit team of 7 professionals dedicated to Azure Sentinel Rule development. Emphasizing both personal and professional growth, the team prioritizes lasting client relationships. As the company continues its scale-up phase, they provide a platform for career advancement and meaningful impact.

Required Experience:

* Demonstrated expertise in Azure Sentinel Rule development and proficiency in KQL.
* Experience with log source identification and integrations (planning and implementation) into Azure Sentinel (including Cloud Apps, On-prem. Apps, Sensors, FWs...).
* Proficiency in various ingestion methods, with candidates possessing experience or knowledge of integrations.
* Ability to filter data at different stages of the rule generation life cycle.
* Experience with connector usage and implementation, as well as normalizing logs to Azure Sentinel.
* Familiarity with different log schemas (ASIM) in Azure Sentinel and optimizing Azure Sentinel pricing.

What they can offer YOU:

* A commitment to project longevity, ensuring success from initiation to completion.
* Grounding in scientific research to deliver cutting-edge, secure solutions.
* Serving a diverse clientele in both private and public sectors.
* A guarantee of professional and career development.
* Flexible remote work opportunity across Finland.
* Earning potential of up to 5,000EUR/pm + extensive benefits package.

Any further questions before applying?

Call: +358942452344