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Full Stack Developer - Reston, Va



Full Stack Developer - Reston, Va


**Active TS/SCI is required**

A verstile consulting firm has an immediate need for a skilled Full Stack Developer. This primarily focuses on Java, Oracle and SQL.

* Participates in the selection of backend database technologies (e.g. SQL, NoSQL, HPC, etc.), their configuration and utilization, and the optimization of the full data pipeline infrastructure to support the actual content, volume. ETL, and periodicity of data to support the intended kinds of queries and analysis to match expected responsiveness
* Applies the following technical skills to develop an ORACLE database andPostgreSQL database and enhance its capabilities:

* Java -JDK 1.6+, Model View Controller (MVC) architecture, Annotation, Servelet 2.5/Java Server Pages (JSP) 2.2, Servlet Filters, Java Server Pages Standard Tag Library (JSTL)
* Web-HTML, Javascript, Dynamic HTML (DHTML) and Asynchronous Javascript and XML (AJAX)
* Open Source APls -Struts (MVC framework), Hibernate (Object Relational Mapping (ORM), persistence, caching, searching), iText (PDF generation). POI (MS Excel generation), JFreeChart (graphs & charts), Simple (XML serialization), Display Tag (table generation)
* Database-ORACLE 12. l.0.2vl3 database and PostgreSQL 11.1-Rl database (or most recent version), maintenance. tuning and configuration
* Email -JavaMail
* Security -Java Cryptography Extensions/Java Secure Socket Extension (JCE/JSSE) APL DoDIIS Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), HTTPS/SSL programming and configuration, CAPCO (rules and automated parsing or validation). Access Controls: Role Base Access Controls (RBAC), Mandatory Access Control (MAC) and Discretionary Access Control (DAC), PL3 security and auditing requirements
* Web/App Server-Apache Tomcat 7+

* AWS Certification: Our FOMA initiative relies heavily on Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure