Speedy communications at Subaru with Microsoft Lync


Subaru Canada is cutting all the corners when it comes to communicating with their dealer networks, by implementing Microsoft Lync.

In the past, the company, as so many others do, would communicate via phone and email with their 88 dealers across the country. However, this came with its own problems resulting in lost productivity through missed calls and unread emails and general breakdowns in communication.

After exhausting their phone system and being unable to source a suitable alternative, Subaru Canada turned to Microsoft Lync.

Implementing the Lync system has instantly enhanced the communications process, it serves as a competent phone system and mitigates lost productivity. A light system means that if an employee is green they are there and ready for you to call, if not it is yellow.

It has also dramatically reduced travel costs incurred by the company as it is no longer necessary to travel nationwide to meet with each of the 88 dealers working for Subaru.

The Lync system means that sales and ad hoc meetings and training sessions, can all be carried out electronically.

Ted Lalka, Vice-President of Planning and Marketing for Subaru Canada was quoted as saying it is hard to monetize the “return on investment on what Lync has brought to the company” but effectively when information is being communicated quicker it is always a positive return. Even a few hours saved a week across 500 users would demonstrate a vast improvement in efficiency. That combined with a removed need to renew the phone system annually and reduced travel costs, the return on efficiency and value is extensive.