Announcing… Nearby


Nigel Frank has announced the launch of its Nearby service, giving organizations access to full cloud teams that are built for them off-site. The offering utilizes our extensive network of cloud specialists based around the world, to deliver support on your projects that is high quality, fast to implement and cost effective.

“This isn’t an entirely new environment to us,” said Paulina Laurie, who is heading up the service. “We’ve spent the last 12-15 years building teams of cloud professionals for organizations of all sizes. Dedicating ourselves to solving that challenge has required flexibility, so that we can provide innovative solutions, as well as an incredible range of candidates that can help fulfil that.”

The service allows companies to build entire cloud teams in one offshore location—working on Microsoft Cloud products, including Dynamics, whilst retaining the same level of quality they’d expect with employees based on-site.

“One of the things we saw during the pandemic was that the world went remote,” continued Paulina. “Employers became less fixated on where their staff were, and instead turned their focus to ensuring the standard of work remained. For us, we’re helping that shift away from presenteeism and instead focusing on the standard of work.”

The service will typically see teams of pre-vetted Microsoft Cloud specialists onboarded that are based in one of either South Africa, Poland or the United Kingdom—ensuring members are able to communicate effectively with each other to drive your projects forward efficiently, and immediately. “With over 300 consultants across 21 global offices, and a database of over 430,000 candidates, no other recruiter has the same sort of reach as Nigel Frank does to build out this service,” added Paulina. “We’re able to use this to source first-class talent from some of the world’s most recognized destinations for outsourcing IT professionals.”

The service will also utilize Nigel Frank’s partner network as part of Tenth Revolution Group—enabling organizations to find talent in other stacks such as AWS, Salesforce and NetSuite across a number of different roles. So whether you require a small team to help your implementation now, or ongoing support to help drive your digital infrastructure even further—if you’re looking for an agile, quick to deploy service that can make the impossible become possible, then Nearby is the cloud talent solution you’ve been waiting for.

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