Microsoft Dynamics Salary Survey 2016
Microsoft Salary Survey

Microsoft Dynamics Salary Survey 2016

Now in its eighth year, this report is the world's largest and most comprehensive Dynamics salary survey.
The Nigel Frank Microsoft Dynamics Salary Survey covers salaries, benefits and bonuses, trends, sentiments, motivations and movement across the worldwide Microsoft Dynamics Partner, ISV and End User (Microsoft Dynamics Customer) communities.
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Survey Demographics

Geographical Split of Survey Results

Microsoft Salary Survey Demographics
  • United States 27.6%
  • United Kingdom 10.0%
  • Germany 6.5%
  • Canada 6.2%
  • Scandinavia 5.8%
  • Australia 4.4%
  • France 3.6%
  • Netherlands 3.4%
  • South Africa 3.1%
  • India 2.9%
  • Rest of the World 26.5%

Breakdown By Gender

Globally, 17.2% of respondents were female, a very slight decrease compared to last year.
Microsoft Dynamics Salaries by location

Key Findings

A Snapshot of the Salient Points from this Year's Dynamics Survey

Plans to leave job
Plan to leave their current employer in 12 months' time.
Job Satisfaction
of those that are dissatisfied with their current job cited lack of career and promotional prospects as the main reason
Microsoft Certification
Were certified this year, with 3.4% working towards a Microsoft certification
Not Currently Working
Were not currently working according to Survey
Going Freelance
of permanent employees looking to move in the next 12 months were considering freelance work
Working From Home
Worked from home on average 3 days or more each week

Spotlight on the Dynamics Ecosystem

Top Reasons for Adopting Dynamics Products

Functionality of the product 65%
Cost Reduction 36%
Ease of Implementation 36%
Ease of User Adoption 31%
Integration of 3rd Party Vendors 21%

Most Common Challenges of Implementation for Dynamics Products

49% Data Migration
35.8% Lack of Appropriate Skills
35.3% User Adoption
34.7% System Integration
31% Cost of Custom Integration
microsoft employee salary

Movement in the Channel

Top Reasons to Change Jobs

Lack of Career & Promotional Prospects 54%
Need New Challenges 51%
Lack of Leadership & Vision 39%
Working Environment/Company Culture 32%
Lack of Training 26%

Top 3 Preferred Destinations for Respondents to Relocate

microsoft salary in usa United States
microsoft salary in uk United Kingdom
microsoft salary in australia Australia

Employee Benefits and Retention

Days spent working from home

  • <1 day per week 33%
  • 1 day per week 14%
  • 2 days per week 9%
  • 3 days per week 6%
  • 4 days per week 3%
  • 5 days per week 11%
  • Never 24%
56% of respondents were satisfied overall with their current job

Employee Perception

91% of respondents felt that being valued by their employer was important to them.
84% of respondents felt that it was important to work for innovative companies.
60% of respondents felt that gaining the right type of experience is more important than salary.
If you don't have a clearly visible, planned and achievable structured career programme that is reviewed annually, create one
Employees really value technical training and specifically Dynamics certification so be sure to allocate a budget for training and development - it will pay dividends in the long term, with loyal and productive employees.
Ensure your employees understand how much you value them and that they are an integral part of the business - it doesn't cost anything

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Client Testimonials

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