• Lokalizacja:: Finland
  • Wynagrodzenie: £3000 - £6000 per month
  • Technologia: .NET Jobs
  • Rodzaj pracy: Permanent
  • Data wystawienia: 18th Apr, 2021
  • Referencje: OAALTR18

What is this application for?

This application is here as on Open Application for people across specifically Finland, and specifically those professionals who are working Microsoft technologies.

Nigel Frank do not employ people directly, we directly work with Clients across Finland, helping to find the right people for their roles and projects, assisting them with giving feedback, arranging interviews and then finally we assist with salary negotiations.


As already mentioned, me and the Team I work with only focus on roles that are in Finland - so if you are looking at other countries we wouldn't be the team to support you - however we have other teams who can.

Within Finland, we have Clients nationwide, meaning we can offer support to Finnish and English speaking candidates regardless of your location.

Examples of roles we can offer

In general, Nigel Frank will deal with roles that are more Medior or Senior in terms of experience. This doesn't mean that we don't want to hear from more Junior candidates, but it's right to manage expectations of our Clients more short-term needs.

  • .NET Developers, both Back End and Full Stack focused roles are hired nationwide consistently through the year - this is my main area of focus.

  • Data / BI Positions - We work with some of the most exciting name on the market, many who are not using Adverts to look for staff - instead we are tasked with finding people who are good fit for both their tech and their "soft skills". We often hire for Junior positions in this area.

  • Azure and Cloud specialists - with the majority of my clients focused towards Microsoft technologies, and the natural markets move towards Cloud environments, we are getting an increasing number of roles for Azure every month.

  • Front End specialists - This is an area where our clients are often quite flexible.

How would I work with Nigel Frank?

  • To start, we would like you to get in touch, ideally with your CV so that we can get an idea of your experience so far. Next, we try to speak on the phone or in a Teams meeting with you, which is your chance to tell us exactly what kind of role you are looking for.

  • We will look through not only our existing range of vacancies, but a range of other areas where we can search, so if you are open to it, we can discuss and offer more than one direction that we can look in to.

  • We will then support you with interviews, feedback, assisting with salary negotiations as well as then keeping in touch once your job has started!

Who else can offer me support?

  • To be clear, this application, and my focus is towards Permanent roles. If you are more focused towards Contract positions, please contact j.maclean@nigelfrank.com

  • If your focus isn't towards Microsoft technologies, and instead you prefer working with tech such as Java, AWS or others - please email me at d.field@nigelfrank.com, and I will try to match you with my most relevant colleague.