• Lokalizacja:: Stockholm, Sweden
  • Wynagrodzenie: 34000SEK - 55000SEK per month
  • Technologia: SQL Server Jobs
  • Rodzaj pracy: Permanent
  • Data wystawienia: 12th Apr, 2021
  • Referencje: CPD0204

Job Description

Have you ever sat and reflected how simple the ideas behind Netflix, Uber, AirBnB actually are?

Streaming videos instead of visiting a rental store, tracking your taxi driver, setting yourself up rapidly as a place for tourists to visit your city.

Nothing too groundbreaking really! All it takes is one minor change to a business model, and entire industries (And indeed our entire lives!) are suddenly forced to adapt to a new market that is geared towards providing the end-user the best possible experience!

Now, consider videoconferencing; we've all had to do it at some point over the 12+ months I'm sure. What shortcomings could you think of?

Two pretty hefty shortfalls are the lack of ID verification, and encryption that are inherent to all existing major videoconference providers (that means Skype, Hangouts, Teams, facetime... the list goes on!)

My client is right now extending their video conference platform that does exactly that! Fancy taking on projects that are entirely greenfield development? How about spending your days carrying out R&D in pursuit of the highest possible standards of customer experience and satisfaction?

If you've said yes to any of the above, this is NOT a role to be missed!

Role & Responsibilities

  • Take on all responsibilities from development, feature assessment, deployments, bug fixes and customer support

  • Huge amount of R&D opportunities; as the platform grows and more customer requests come in, it will be down to you to work out what is possible, and to make those request a reality

  • Working closely with Product Owners to develop the most flexible and customisable product possible for the end user

Skills & Qualifications

  • Strong experience with full-stack JavaScript engineering; Node, React, TypeScript all highly valued

  • Exposure to high-level monitoring solutions is highly beneficial; currently working with Grafana, Kibana

  • Experience of working in lean/agile organisations with a strong commitment to CI/CD is very attractive


  • Standard ITP1 pension and benefits

  • option to trade overtime work for extra vacation days

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