• Lokalizacja:: Stockholm, Sweden
  • Wynagrodzenie: 33000SEK - 50000SEK per month
  • Technologia: SQL Server Jobs
  • Rodzaj pracy: Permanent
  • Data wystawienia: 2nd Apr, 2021
  • Referencje: CPD02/04

Junior JavaScript engineering

Looking at your current role and dreaming of actually being able to do some greenfield development?

Tired of being told you need more knowledge before you can be trusted with the new product? Maybe you're getting bored of reading through other people's code and not actually writing your own?

This is likely the role for you!

This role would see you join a fast paced, highly dynamic startup company that is fast approaching "pure greenfield development" mode! Their Product Owner has hundreds of feature requests from existing users that need to quickly be made reality!

If you want to jump in on the ground level of a fast-growing, highly dynamic organisation that is quickly breaking new ground in a heavily populated sector, then this is not one to be missed!

Role & Responsibilities

  • Take on all responsibilities from development, feature assessment, deployments, bug fixes and customer support

  • Huge amount of R&D opportunities; as the platform grows and more customer requests come in, it will be down to you to work out what is possible, and to make those request a reality

  • Working closely with Product Owners to develop the most flexible and customisable product possible for the end user

Skills & Qualifications

  • Minimum 2 years of experience with JavaScript; Angular, TypeScript are essential requirements

  • Exposure to high-level monitoring solutions is highly beneficial; currently working with Grafana, Kibana

  • Experience of working in lean/agile organisations with a strong commitment to CI/CD is very attractive


  • Highly competitive salary model

  • Standard ITP1 Pension, benefits and insurances

  • Option to trade over-time work for extra vacation days