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.Net Tech Lead



.Net Tech Lead

.Net Tech Lead_1645712315

Job Description

Technical Lead, API/Middleware is a seasoned middleware specialist able to coordinate multiple contractor and employee resources in delivery of business outcomes for high volume critical customers of the client This position reports to Director, Digital Solutions / Customer.

Role & Responsibilities

* Responsible for implementing API Architectural goals.
* Responsible for formulating API technical roadmap, technical debt.
* Responsible for API security, performance, stability.
* Responsible for implementing process automation through point to point integrations and carefully applied microservices architecture.
* Responsible for day to day tactical leadership of API development team, on multiple parallel initiatives.
* Partially responsible for coordinating API maintenance / third level (senior) technical support (shared with Support lead)

Skills & Qualifications

* Some working knowledge of MuleSoft middleware platform is desired, connector function, flow, exception handling.
* Expert level knowledge of .NET Web API is required. .NET Core knowledge is preferred, but Web API experience with legacy .NET is ok. At least 5 years of hands-on experience with .NET is needed for success.
* Expert level knowledge of .NET fundamentals - Object Oriented Development, Generics, LINQ, Entity Framework, Unit Testing.
* Some experience with design and prototyping tools and diagramming is desired.
* Decent understanding of microservices architecture and related patterns is desired.
* Expert level understanding of API versioning, management, telemetry, performance tuning and API documentation techniques (swagger or similar).
* Able to lead a medium size team of API/Middleware developers on a common project, assign tactical goals, coach, elaborate design.
* Able to create technical debt and technical roadmap assessments for API products.
* Able to peer review, improve and implement presented Solution / Enterprise Architecture artefacts.


* Bonus, vision, dental, halth, and life.
* Client is a industry leader wholesale tire distributor.