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Data Engineer - End-user Development


Job description

Data Engineer - End-user Development


Job Description

One of Finland's largest energy companies with a clear goal set out to be a 100% carbon neutral energy company by 2030. Great if candidates are passionate about their work making a real difference to the world with their work

Role & Responsibilities

Real time streaming analytics is going to be so crucial in collecting data from multiple sources e.g wind turbines, solar panels, thermal energy from the ocean, nuclear reactors. This is the key towards the company being carbon neutral - this hire will join a growing team who are making this important focus become a reality!

Skills & Qualifications

* 1.5-2+ Years of experience as a Data Engineer
* Real time streaming experience E.g with Python and Azure Databricks / Azure Event Hub / Azure IoT Hub or kafka / python / AWS
* Fluency in Finnish


* Long-term remote work flexibility.
* We are a stable change in employment - supported by many long-term projects and global customers.
* Friendly, skilled and experience co-workers.
* Strong benefits available, and competitive salaries that change depending on experience.
* Salary: 4500-5200€ p/m plus bonus on top!

If you'd like more information please send your CV and contact me at:

+358 75 3266 582

All interviews will be carried out remotely.