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Senior Full Stack Developer


  • €5,000 to €6,000 EUR
  • Developer/Programmer Role
  • Skills: Senior Full stack developer, Full Stack Developer, Full-stack developer, .NET, C#, Azure, Angular, React, Vue, JavaScript, Blazor
  • Level: Senior

Job description

Senior Full Stack Developer


Senior Full Stack Developer - Permanent Hire - Consultancy

Company Information:

* Biggest IT Service provider in Finland.
* You will be able to work on variety of business domains, such as telecom, media, industrial and public, including work for government authorities.
* Aiming to create technological solutions that benefit humanity, while focusing on the latest technologies.
* Offices located in multiple locations across Finland, yet allow full remote work.


* Actively participate in software development.
* Designing services based on the recent trends in technology.
* Identify and implement efficient development methods for the team.
* Closely working and communicating with customer's teams on long-term projects.

Required experience:

* Finnish language fluency.
* More than 5 years of experience with .NET/C#.
* Extensive experience with a modern front-end framework (React, Angular, Vue, Blazor).
* Previous experience working on web development in Azure Cloud Environment.

Reasons to apply:

* An opportunity to work on the projects that will have a direct impact on Finnish public services.
* Great career progression with a prospect of growing into a leading role.
* Great working culture where managers are there to support rather than lead, allowing the freedom and flexibility to work in your own way. Providing development potential and ensuring supportive culture within the team to ensure your success in the industry in the long-term.
* Flexible remote work available.
* Earning potential of up to 6,000€ per month.

Any further questions before applying?

Call: +358942452344