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Analytics Advisor - Oslo


  • Other Role
  • Skills: Analysis, Data, Advisor, Business, Python, data science, SQL, BI, business intelligence
  • Level: Mid-level

Job description

Analytics Advisor - Oslo


Customers are searching for ways to make faster and more informed decisions - they want innovation and automation, and to work in smarter ways

Through the processes of digital transformation they can improve their organisational input, output, and management, and we are searching for you to help on this journey!

You will be joining a competent team of advisers within Data, Development, and Cloud, and an equally strong technical delivery team to bring these solutions to life

With a particular focus on data & analytics, you will help customers gain access to quality information, and turn this into actionable insights which create value

The role can be flexible depending on your experience and professional goals:

* Perhaps you come from a technical background, but want to progress into the business side and share your expertise with non-technical and technical stakeholders alike
* Maybe you have a strong background in client facing roles or management, and a deep interest in how digital transformation can impact different domains
* Or you want the best of both worlds! Offering advice, getting to work hands-on in projects, and ultimately delivering great solutions

Your role can involve

* Collaborating with customers to define strategy and principles for how they can transform their business
* Working in parallel with data engineers, scientists and analysts to make the optimal use of data
* Identifying the hidden opportunities within organisations data, and bringing this potential to the forefront

We are looking for you to

* Have a good understanding of the process to becoming data-driven
* Ability to see the bigger picture, and communicate this effectively to internal and external teams
* A genuine interest in technology and the desire to stay up to date on the latest trends
* A strong academic background in a core subject
* Relevant professional experience within data, digital transformation, consulting, or advisory services

Why work here?

You will be joining an excellent working culture where collaboration across teams & departments is actively encouraged to build a sense of community, and you can grow your skillset in new areas

There are social and professional activities you can choose to be involved in across the business - whether you are interested in sporting activities, gaming evenings, networking events, or lunches & dinners with your colleagues, there is something for everyone (or if you can't find something you enjoy - why not start your own initiative!)

There are active steps to look after employee satisfaction and well-being within the company, in practical terms this looks like flexible working hours to suit your lifestyle outside of work, and the ability to work from home when you choose. If you work a little extra in some periods, you will be be paid overtime for the hours you put in, and the opportunity to take additional time off

We hope that you can develop yourself professionally whilst here, with the chance to take certifications, courses, and in-house workshops to broaden your skillset

For any questions, contact Lucy on l.whiting@frankgroup.com