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Fullstack Developer - Oslo


Job description

Fullstack Developer - Oslo


We are looking for a developer to join the team in Oslo!

Joining a group of 15+ you can feel comfortable as part of an established team and work closely with colleagues in our development environment, as well as having regular contact with members in frontend, design, testing and product

You will get to contribute across all phases of the development process, allowing you to deepen your expertise in areas that interest you, along with broadening your skills when it comes to cloud, databases, and new tools

There are opportunities to take courses and certifications (even if they are not related to your projects!) We like to see colleagues dive deep into technology and satisfy their curiosity for new ideas

The projects can be varied and the domains can be complex, but we encourage employees to step out of their comfort zone with the knowledge there is a team behind you for support.

We trust you to collaborate with customers on new solutions, spar with colleagues on tech choice and methodologies, and ultimately deliver modern solutions fit for purpose

We are looking for you to bring some of the following:

* Bachelors/Masters in an IT or engineering related subject
* Professional experience in software development
* Proficiency in C#/.NET or Java
* Experience with JavaScript/TypeScript, and modern frontend frameworks such as React, Angular or Vue
* Experience with public cloud
* Experience working with database technologies
* Experience with Agile development and devops practices, along with a good understanding of industry best practices

Good communication skills in Norwegian and English are essential as you will be working with customers and documentation in both languages

Why work here?

We know you care about technology - that's why we work with the latest versions, and are continually experimenting with new tools

Idea-generation is encouraged at all levels of the business, and you are encouraged to take ownership of your work & not be afraid to innovate or try something new

You will be compensated fairly based on your experience, and benefit from great pension and insurances, along with a bonus scheme

Work-life balance is important to maintaining a healthy mindset, so we offer flexitime and hybrid working arrangements, along with investing in social activities and "the little things" that can make a difference to your working day

For any questions, contact Lucy on l.whiting@tenthrevolution.com