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Senior Consultant (.NET, Java, Frontend)


Job description

Senior Consultant (.NET, Java, Frontend)


Senior Developer/Consultant - Oslo


* Comprehensive Health Insurance, including chiropractic and physiotherapy coverage.
* Secure Your Future with a 4% Pension Contribution.
* Stay Fit with Gym Membership Coverage up to 300kr/month.
* Fuel Your Productivity with Free Office Snacks 24/7.
* Sponsorship for a Master's Degree (100.000 NOK).
* Family Life Insurance.

About the Role:

* 5+ Years of Development Experience.
* Tech-Agnostic Approach to Problem Solving.
* Present a Sellable CV that Impresses Clients.
* Possess a Formal Degree, Preferably a Master's.
* Stay Ahead with Latest Tech Trends.
* Master Communication Skills for Client Interactions.
* Norwegian language working proficiency

What Sets Them Apart:

* Long-Term Stability Backed by 20+ Years of Customer Trust.
* Enjoy their Brand New Penthouse Office.
* Cultivate Your Expertise with a 100.000 NOK Masters Sponsorship.
* Elevate Your Profile with Focused CV Building.
* Reap Benefits of a Thriving Upskilling Culture.
* Deliver Excellence as a Premium Boutique Consultancy.
* Reap Lucrative Bonuses & Commissions.
* Thrive in Our Vibrant Social Area Even on Weekends.
* Dive into Diverse Projects from Application Development to Real-Time Data Streaming and Websites/Digital Experiences.
* Be Part of Employee Ownership.
* Foster Team Spirit at Quarterly gatherings.
* Embark on Exciting International Travel Opportunities.
* Unwind Fully Between Christmas and New Year.

Our Team and Culture:

* Join 30+ Highly Competent Consultants.
* Benefit from Over 300 Years of Combined IT Experience.
* Experience a Dynamic, Collaborative Environment.