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Data Scientist


  • SEK 40,000 to SEK 65,000 SEK
  • Other Role
  • Skills: Data Science, Data Scientist, Azure, Git, Python, SQL, Machine Learning Model, MLM
  • Level: Mid-level

Job description

Data Scientist


Job Title: Data Scientist

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

We are seeking a talented Data Scientist to join our team in Stockholm, Sweden. Our client is a leading provider of audit, accounting, tax, and consulting services. With over 1000 employees across the country, they support businesses with a range of financial and strategic services to foster sustainable growth.

About the Role:

As a Data Scientist, you will play a crucial role in transforming unstructured data into actionable insights. You will be working extensively with Python and Azure functions, focusing on data engineering and application development. Our main application processes annual reports from clients, converting various types of data into a structured format.

With an internal network of IT professionals within the business, the Data Science team sits as a smaller close-knit group with currently 80% of the work focused on maintaining existing systems and 20% on new development. The goal is to shift to a more balanced workload, aiming for 50% maintenance and 50% new projects to ensure equal innovation.

Key Responsibilities:

* Transforming unstructured data into structured formats.
* Developing and maintaining applications using Python.
* Working with Azure functions and other cloud services.
* Implementing controls and ensuring data quality.
* Supervising models in production and developing & deploying machine learning models.
* Analyze and interpret complex data sets.
* Work with Python, SQL, and version control systems like Git.
* Collaborate with cross-functional teams such as development teams and other business units to drive business insights.
* Maintain and enhance data processing systems.


* BSc or MSc (preferably M.Sc) in a relevant field.
* At least 2 years of experience as a Data Scientist, Data Engineer, Software Engineer, or Machine Learning Engineer.
* Proficiency in Python, git, and SQL.
* At least 1-year experience with Azure, GCP, or AWS.
* Experience with supervising models in production.

Preferred Skills:

* Familiarity with Azure ML products (Form Recognizer, Cognitive Search, etc.).
* Experience with Azure services (Storage, Serverless functions, Deploying ML Models).
* Knowledge of MLOps and developing applications using LLMs.
* Experience with ML Engineering and deploying both unsupervised and supervised ML models.
* Proven track record in driving the development of ML applications.

Why Join Us?

* High level of trust and responsibility.
* Autonomy to design and implement your own solutions.
* Opportunity to develop your own ideas and hold responsibility over the data science processes.
* Broad role that encourages growth and learning with modern technology.
* Collaborative and supportive work environment.
* Significant impact on the internal workings of the company.
* Excellent office location in a central area.

Their team values collaboration and innovation, providing a dynamic environment where you can grow and make a significant impact. They take pride in taking care of employees, offering a great office space in a central location and a supportive community. If you're passionate about data science and looking for a role that offers both responsibility and the opportunity to innovate, we would love to hear from you.