A Tenth Revolution Group Company

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Full Stack Developer


Job description

Full Stack Developer


I'm looking for an expert to join an in-house team of software experts working on projects that offer services to consumers and companies all over Norway on behalf of one of Bergen's most highly varied IT environments.

Fairness and integrity for both customers and workers are central to their core values, and they are looking for experienced frontend experts to assist in delivering a seamless, approachable, and fair customer journey to all.

Role and responsibility

* Work with cross-functional teams to produce high-quality software solutions.
* Create front-end solutions that universally accessible.
* Create scalable and stable code that is tidy and well-designed.
* Keep up with rising trends in software development and suggest new technologies as needed.
* Participate in code evaluations and help to create coding standards.

Skills & Qualifications

* Excellent conversation and cooperation abilities
* Professional Norwegian and English linguistic abilities
* Understanding of APIs and server programming in.NET C# and/or Java
* 5+ years experience in software development


* Setup of a hybrid home workplace
* Excellent social groups that plan gatherings and social/sporting events.
* Annual funding for professional development through workshops, seminars, and technological activities
* 1 day per month devoted solely to self-development
* Product discounts