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Senior Developer

South Africa

Job description

Senior Developer


* Directly involved in the full software development lifecycle:
o Requirements gathering
o Design and implementation
o Testing and documentation
o Continuous delivery and integration
o Operational maintenance
* Work closely with the architect to write software for a project(s), or as part of a team of developers.

* A sense of duty - understanding that you will be part of a team that ultimately needs to ensure a working
product for a customer base.
* Ability to work in a team along with software developers and engineers.
* Able to accurately estimate effort on tasks, prioritise work, gauge progress, communicate problems
and deliver on deadlines.
* Positive outlook on work and other people.
* Good analytical problem-solving skills & stamina.
* Attentive to detail.
* Excited about learning, pushing technical limits and finding new solutions when necessary.
* Good verbal and written communication skills

* Work on multiple interesting technically challenging products.
* Work within a strong growing team of experienced members.
* Tech engineering environment - modern, innovative, fast-paced, and fun work environment.
* Free lunch and great coffee