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Kubernetes Engineer (B2B contract)


Job description

Kubernetes Engineer (B2B contract)



Seeking a talented Kubernetes Engineer to join a team. As a contractor/freelancer, you'll play a pivotal role in deploying and managing Kubernetes clusters globally, driving our firm's containerization strategy forward.


* Architecting, implementing, and managing on-premises containerized environments.
* Configuring, maintaining, and upgrading Kubernetes platforms.
* Collaborating with application teams to engineer tailored solutions.
* Integrating on-premise and public cloud services within the Kubernetes ecosystem.


* Hands-on experience with Kubernetes deployment and administration.
* Familiarity with CI/CD tools like Git, GitLab/GitHub.
* Proficiency in scripting languages (e.g., Golang, shell).
* Understanding of Linux, containers, and container orchestration.
* Knowledge of OpenShift, Ceph, or ArgoCD is advantageous.


* Opportunity to work on cutting-edge technology projects.
* Flexibility as a contractor/freelancer.
* Exposure to a global Kubernetes deployment environment.
* Potential for remote work arrangements (subject to approval).
* Competitive compensation package.