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Senior Azure DevOps Engineer (Contract)


  • Consultant Role
  • Skills: Azure DevOps, Azure Pipelines, CI/CD, Kubernetes, Docker, Azure Keyvault, Azure App Service, Application Gateway
  • Level: Senior

Job description

Senior Azure DevOps Engineer (Contract)



Looking for a Senior Azure DevOps Engineer with strong skills in Kubernetes and Azure services. The job involves creating Azure YAML pipelines for CI/CD and maintaining high code quality.


* Create Azure YAML pipelines for CI/CD with Quality Gates.
* Set up and manage Azure infrastructure.
* Implement and manage advanced Kubernetes features.
* Automate infrastructure provisioning within Azure pipelines.
* Troubleshoot application issues related to architecture and service interactions.
* Use scripting languages to automate tasks and integrate them into pipelines.
* Manage Azure Active Directory (AAD) integration and application registrations.
* Show strong Git skills and promote SCM best practices.
* Understand data and event flow concepts; knowledge of ML and Lightbend Cloudflow is a plus.
* Be proficient in release and deployment methodologies.


* Azure DevOps, Azure Pipelines, CI/CD
* Kubernetes, Docker
* Azure Key Vault, Azure App Service, Application Gateway
* APIM, Azure Cosmos DB, Kafka
* Infrastructure provisioning with ARM or Terraform
* Scripting with Bash or Python