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Kuberentes Engineer


Job description

Kuberentes Engineer


Job Description:

Are you an ambitious and skilled Kubernetes Engineer, fluent in Swedish, looking for an exciting opportunity in the beautiful city of Malmo? We have a fantastic 6-month contract role waiting for you!

Role & Responsibilities:

As a Swedish-speaking Kubernetes Engineer, you will be an integral part of a dynamic and innovative team. Your main responsibilities will include:

* Designing, deploying, and maintaining Kubernetes clusters for various applications and projects.
* Collaborating with cross-functional teams to ensure smooth integration of Kubernetes solutions.
* Troubleshooting and resolving issues related to Kubernetes infrastructure.
* Implementing best practices for containerization, automation, and orchestration.

Skills & Qualifications:

To excel in this role, you should possess the following skills and qualifications:

* Proficiency in Kubernetes and container orchestration.
* Strong experience in cloud platforms like AWS, Google Cloud, or Azure.
* Solid understanding of infrastructure as code (IaC) using tools like Terraform.
* Scripting skills in languages like Python or Bash.
* Familiarity with monitoring and logging tools such as Prometheus and ELK stack.
* Excellent communication and problem-solving abilities.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in this exciting role and believe you have what it takes to excel as a Kubernetes Engineer, don't hesitate to get in touch! Please contact us at the following:

Phone: +46108885279 Email: t.moon@nigelfrank.com