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Infrastructure Specialist


Job description

Infrastructure Specialist


Job Description

Role & Responsibilities:

As an Infrastructure and End-User Services Specialist, your role will be integral within the Outsourcing cluster IT team. You'll be responsible for delivering essential IT services to various operational units across multiple countries. Your reporting structure will place you in the IT team under the leadership of the Cluster IT Director, who is based in Finland. While your physical location will be Stockholm, your role is part of the global organizational framework, allowing for potential travel to Finland.

In this position, your key responsibilities include:

* Collaborating with external vendors to ensure customizable service delivery and effective communication.
* Assisting in the design, implementation, and upkeep of IT infrastructure, involving technologies like Microsoft SQL Server and Azure SQL Database.
* Diagnosing and resolving technical challenges related to infrastructure and end-user services, leveraging your expertise in Windows servers and Azure cloud services.
* Providing swift solutions to end users while considering business workflows and their integration with IT services.
* Contributing to documentation and the knowledge base, adhering to principles outlined in the ITIL framework.
* Participating in the evaluation of hardware, software, and services, encompassing technologies like IP networks, LAN, WAN/SDWAN, and WLAN.
* Ensuring adherence to security policies and procedures.
* Working alongside infrastructure project teams, applying analytical thinking and adept problem-solving skills.
* Playing a role in vendor management activities.

Skills & Qualifications:

Requirements for this role include:

* A relevant bachelor's or master's degree.
* Extensive hands-on experience in IT infrastructure and the management of end-user services.
* Proficient problem-solving skills and a logical analytical mindset.
* Effective communication and collaboration abilities in English, both written and verbal. Proficiency in Swedish is beneficial.
* Capable of driving change and overseeing service providers.
* Thorough comprehension of business processes and their interplay with IT services.
* Strong collaborative aptitude and the ability to thrive within a team-oriented environment.

Desired technical experience:

* Familiarity with Microsoft SQL Server and Azure SQL Database.
* Understanding of the ITIL framework.
* General grasp of Windows servers and Azure cloud services.
* Insight into IP networks and technologies like LAN, WAN/SDWAN, and WLAN.

Position Details:

* Workload: 100%
* Commencement: Immediate
* Duration: 3-6 months
* Language: Swedish Speaking
* Location: Stockholm - Hybrid

contact: t.moon@nigelfrank.com