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Senior Full Stack Developer


Job description

Senior Full Stack Developer


Senior Full Stack Developer - Product Development - Permanent Hire

I am actively working with a company that is a global leader of solutions focused on industrial, storage, and warehouse solutions - working with companies in the Automotive, Farming, Food + Beverage, and other industries.

They have a smaller IT Development team, mainly Senior Developers with 1 Junior Developer - and their current focus is to improve the overall quality of their customised solutions - to give one specific example - with the scalability of each solution to be ready for future demand.

Quick Facts

* 1 New development project fully budgeted, only waiting on this new hire so the person can add to some of the decisions that have currently been made.
* 2 new development projects planned for the next 12 months which you can influence.

Role and responsibilities

* Be interested in the R+D of custom solutions - for example Machine Learning is a new area we plan to work with in the next few months.
* Offer support with planning, some architectural and general decision making as a team-member.
* Be available at times to visit the office - this is needed as our solutions can include different hardware and machinery - such as lifts and vehicles, where seeing them in person is helpful.
* Work across back-end and front-end development - though less time will be spent on front-end.
* In the first 12 months you would be expected to gradually learn about the existing solutions, while mainly focusing on brand-new solutions.

Skills & Qualifications

* Tech stack - not all are required: C#, .NET, SQL, REST, TwinCat, JavaScript, Azure and others.
* Bachelor's or Master's Degree or Long-term professional work are appreciated.
* Professional-working level of Finnish speaking is required.
* Valid working visa for Finland.


* Competitive salary: 5000-6500€ per month
* Lunch-vouchers, Culture vouchers, Mobile telephone and Laptop, Health-care and more.
* Low hierarchy.
* No micro-management.
* Growing team for a stable company - with a long history in Finland.

If you'd like more information please send your CV and contact me at:


+358 75 3266 582

1-stage interview, Teams will be used