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Frontend Architect


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Frontend Architect


Front-end Architect

Every day, Danish transport providers strive to deliver mobility for those in their communities in many instances for those for whom that need is greatest of all. For so many of my clients customers, public transport is far more than a job and we are continually inspired by their dedication.
As stakeholders in the public transport sector, my client aim to match that dedication; recognising that we too play a vital role in this transport ecosystem.
As Local Authority budgets continue to shrink and commercial operators face similar constraints our customers rely on my client to deliver the tools they need to do their jobs with ever more efficiency.
Together we are working to increase the effectiveness of public transport; promoting it as not only the
transport system of tomorrow, but of today.
We all aspire to sustainable forms of transport, but if we really want our children to experience the world as we have and to benefit from a truly exceptional transport system then we need to start
building it today. My client believes in public transport, and it's their goal to make it better.


The solution is designed for the public bus service focusing on their electric fleet. The solution provides support for two areas:

* Mapping out planning, scheduling and routes for the busses with future plans to role out a live tracking system for consumers
* Logistics tracking busses battery usage and charge capacity, mapping out charging points and other relevant logistics

Role Responsibilities:

* Handle all front-end development coded in Angular
* Contribute directly to the front-end architecture
* Help set the technical direction for the front-end on the project
* Mentor 2 junior interns on the front-end team
* Be the go to guy for all things Angular related
* Code review
* Speaking with key internal and external stakeholders

Skills Required:

High level of experience in front-end development and architecture principals

* Skilled in Angular technology
* Experienced in setting technical direction
* Experienced in designing front-end architecture
* Experienced in liaising with key stakeholders, workshops etc
* Experienced working in a dynamic working environment

Benefits of the role:

* 2 days in the office, 3 from home - this can alternate depending on your preference
* Competitive salary based on experience
* Profit sharing bonus
* 8% pension

Join us!

The role will offer a flexible work arrangement with respect for a healthy work-life balance for all employees, and a unique opportunity to make your impact on the organization as it grows together with you. You are invited you to join social activities with your colleagues, also here we hope you might have a great idea for some activities.

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Please contact lead recruiter on L.Mohammed-Brown@frankgroup.com or call +45 88 74 11 43.