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Ref: RS 7/18_1689689587

Data Engineer/ETL Developer


Job description

Data Engineer/ETL Developer

RS 7/18_1689689587

I am currently working with a client in the Greensboro, NC area on their Data Engineer/ETL Developer position. The right candidate must be willing to travel on-site 5 days a week and also must be a US citizen. Salary is competitive. Qualifications below:

*Implement, operate, and support data pipelines within Azure Data Factory.
oAbility to move data from source to destination on a variety of platforms including ADP, NetSuite, SQL Databases, Azure Data lakes, Azure Synapse Data warehouse, and more
oOptimize and maintain existing data pipelines
oDevelop new data pipelines from different sources
*Validate data across systems to verify completeness and accuracy of data movement
*Develop and maintain code to pull and push data via API calls
*Azure Data Factory
*SQL Server Development including Advance SQL (TSQL and PL/SQL)
*Azure API Management Platform
*Web APIs (REST)

If you're interested in the positions above, please feel free to reach out and we can discuss further.

Thank you,