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PHP Developer


Job description

PHP Developer


I am currently collaborating with a company based in Odense that is actively seeking a dedicated Full Stack Developer with a strong affinity for backend programming to join their development team, which currently comprises five members.

This company operates in both hardware and software domains, but this specific position will entrust you with the responsibility for the backend system of their niche product. This remarkable product is a leading solution used at construction sites across Europe, deployed on over 2000 job sites, which means your work will have a substantial and far-reaching impact.

Despite being a 15-person company, they have made significant strides in recent years, positioning themselves exceptionally well with a scalable and highly-regarded product. Despite their impressive European success, they remain committed to their close-knit, family-oriented culture, fostering collaboration and offering enticing perks such as company lunches and annual company trips. Consequently, they are seeking dedicated and ambitious individuals who can fully embrace their journey.

Role and Responsibilities:

* Assume responsibility for the backend development of the company's products as the current backend developer transitions into a DevOps role.
* Collaborate closely with other frontend developers to develop the product's frontend.
* Enhance and expand the current systems, introducing new features for their products, including launches and new offerings.
* Conduct testing and evaluation of their platform.
* Engage with junior colleagues, providing mentorship and guidance.
* Participate in the decision-making process regarding the new development and technical roadmap.


* Proficiency in PHP, JavaScript, and jQuery.
* Formal education or self-taught, your expertise matters most.
* Self-driven, motivated, and proactive with a willingness to learn and contribute your insights.
* Strong grasp of backend development.
* Fluent in both spoken and written English, as this is a multinational organization.
* Willing to take ownership of your tasks and unafraid of making mistakes.
* Possession of a Danish work permit.


* Comprehensive pension scheme.
* Enjoy company-sponsored lunches.
* Attractive benefits package, including healthcare and subsidized internet.
* Flexible work arrangements.
* Funded social outings and events.
* A robust work culture that promotes collaboration and feels like a tight-knit family.

If you are in search of new opportunities and believe this role aligns with your ambitions, please don't hesitate to contact Principal Recruitment Consultant Luqman Mohammed-Brown at L.Mohammed-Brown@frankgroup.com