Ref: P-222_1682058297

Core Engineering - Java Developer


Job description

Core Engineering - Java Developer


Primary Responsibilities

* Maintaining and implementing new core libraries used by the product development teams - this imposes high requirements on the code quality, test coverage, well designed architecture and everything required to produce high quality libraries
* Investigating complex performance issues
* Active participation in improving Java/Kotlin development practices in identifying root causes of inefficiencies and technical defects in product development, proposing potential solutions and driving them to the end

Supporting Responsibilities

* Constant technical improvement and research of the new technologies and best practices
* Assist product development teams in the adoption and updates of internal libraries
* Assist development and infrastructure teams in investigating root causes of complex technical issues


* 3+ years of product development in Java/Kotlin; 6+ years of total development experience
* Experience working with Kafka, MySQL, ElasticSearch or similar technologies
* Experience developing and maintaining high-load high-availability scalable systems
* Experience in application and database performance optimization

Preferred Qualifications

* Working knowledge of Gradle and developing Gradle plugins
* Experience with TiDB
* Experience implementing and maintaining technical libraries