A Tenth Revolution Group Company

Ref: NFI22082301_1692719773

BI Developer


  • SEK 40,000 to SEK 60,000 SEK
  • Developer/Programmer Role
  • Skills: Microsoft BI, BI, BI & Data, SQL, Azure, Data Factory, Data Bricks, Consultant, BI Consultant, BI Developer, Data Warehouse
  • Level: Mid-level

Job description

BI Developer


Become a part of an organization committed to uplifting music creators and publishers. Our core mission centers on advocating for copyright safeguarding and guaranteeing equitable remuneration for songwriters and composers. Through intimate collaboration with our members, we cultivate an atmosphere that nurtures artistic genesis and revival within Sweden's musical landscape.

Within our organization, the Business Intelligence (BI) team plays an integral role in establishing a data-centric approach that positions us at the forefront of music rights and copyright advocacy. As stewards of music usage data, we confront numerous technical and analytical challenges. Given the perpetual demand for our BI team's expertise and technical acumen, we are actively seeking a BI Developer to join a select group where two dynamic industries converge: music and technology.

In the capacity of a BI developer, your responsibility will involve advancing our BI and Analytics initiatives to unprecedented levels. Your position will require working closely with diverse business divisions and external partners, overseeing the progression of BI projects from inception to realization. Our team operates within both back-end and front-end realms, assuming the crucial task of reinforcing and perpetuating our established BI framework. An essential aspect of your role will encompass exploring innovative methodologies and ideas to lay a robust groundwork for our organizational pursuits. Furthermore, your involvement will extend to fostering the growth of our proficiencies in data science and machine learning.

Your responsibilities will encompass:

* Overseeing the development, maintenance, and operation of our BI environment - spanning back-end and front-end facets.
* Spearheading BI projects, ranging from modest to substantial, across the entire lifecycle - from initial needs analysis through to delivery.
* Imparting BI acumen to our personnel.
* Staying attuned to developments in the BI sphere, adopting new methodologies and technologies.

Qualifications and Attributes:

You are characterized by your humility and esteem for colleagues and your surroundings. You derive motivation from problem-solving and exhibit a proactive stance in enhancing both your personal growth and the solutions you contribute to. You thrive within collaborative settings, valuing the mutual exchange of knowledge.

We treasure a constructive and optimistic approach when tackling novel challenges, coupled with a fervent enthusiasm for staying abreast of BI trends, disseminating updates, and recognizing opportunities. If the intersection of music and technology captures your interest, you'll find a congenial environment here.

We are seeking an individual who possesses:

* Professional hands-on experience in BI development.
* A track record of close collaboration with business units, spanning the entire project lifecycle.
* Comprehensive familiarity with one or more BI platforms.
* Proficiency in diverse BI/DW architecture paradigms for data storage, including dimensional modeling like 3NF.
* Experience handling voluminous datasets within a BI context.
* Proficiency in spoken and written Swedish, along with strong English language skills.

Technical proficiency is additionally valued in the following domains:

* Proficiency in Microsoft's BI ecosystem, encompassing Power BI, DAX, Power Query M, SSAS Tabular, SQL Server, T-SQL, and SSIS.
* Experience with cloud-based BI solutions (Azure/AWS).
* Inclination towards data science and machine learning.
* Familiarity with R or Python.

We have effectively established a BI platform that empowers a significant segment of our functions, along with external stakeholders, to understand and analyze the extensive datasets that form the foundation of our fundamental endeavors. Employing an agile approach that bridges the domains of IT development and business, our team engages in a diverse range of intricate solutions and continual incremental deliveries. Our voyage has resulted in numerous successes, including programs, analyses, pivotal industry standards, and other notable achievements.

Do you possess a curious nature and a penchant for acquiring fresh knowledge? Are you an imaginative troubleshooter, driven to enhance and innovate?

We navigate through extensive data streams, engaged in intricate processes. As we adapt to the music industry's digital transformation, our input is highly regarded, and innovative ideas are valued. Should you conceive such ideas, the likelihood of their implementation-and the subsequent prompt results-is substantial.

So…..get your application in today!