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MSBI Developer


  • Developer/Programmer Role
  • Skills: Microsoft BI, BI, BI & Data, SQL, Azure, Data Factory, Data Bricks, Consultant, BI Consultant, BI Developer, Data Warehouse, MSBI, MSBI Developer, Microsoft BI
  • Level: Mid-level

Job description

MSBI Developer


Job Opportunity Summary: Full-Stack MSBI Developer - End User - Stockholm

Join our dynamic team as a Full-Stack MSBI Developer, where you'll play a pivotal role in every aspect of business intelligence. From initial requirements gathering to translating them into technical specifications, data warehousing, ETL processes, data modeling, dashboard creation, and actionable data analysis, you'll be involved in the entire BI lifecycle.

Our commitment to sustainability covers a diverse range of topics. To maximize impact and transparency, we advocate for concentrating group-wide efforts and reporting on key areas of focus characterized by robust organizational ownership.

Our workforce is entrusted with the autonomy to make decisions and assume accountability for their job responsibilities. We foster an environment that encourages employees to actively participate in the company's initiatives, contribute suggestions, showcase innovation, engage in committees and work teams, attend relevant meetings, and provide valuable input on work processes that impact their roles.

Key Responsibilities:

* Collaborate with diverse stakeholders in business operations, sales, marketing, development, and upper management.
* Leverage the company's 100% Azure-based environment, specializing in Power BI, DAX, Synapse, and other cutting-edge technologies.
* Work within a large BI team of highly skilled professionals, fostering a culture of knowledge sharing.
* Engage with consultants from reputable consultancies, ensuring exposure to the latest industry trends.
* Contribute to a collaborative culture where your opinions matter, shaping both team dynamics and workflow.
* Benefit from the financial stability of our data-driven company, allowing significant investments in the BI team and modern, innovative technology.

Why Join Us:

* Opportunity to work on a broad spectrum of BI activities, from technical requirements to actionable business insights.
* Collaborative culture that values employee input and encourages individual working preferences.
* Financially stable organization committed to investing in BI talent and staying at the forefront of technological advancements.
* Work with a diverse team of highly skilled professionals from reputable consultancies, fostering continuous learning.
* Modern tech environment with a 100% Azure base, utilizing Power BI, DAX, Synapse, and other leading-edge tools.

We empower our employees with the essential resources to excel in their roles. Our dedication lies in creating manageable workloads, removing barriers to success, ensuring the ready availability of supplies and equipment, and maintaining optimal staffing levels to meet the demands of the job.

Fostering a culture of transparency and trust, we prioritize creating a healthy work environment. Our employees actively embrace and exemplify the company's core values. Each decision undertaken by the company reinforces our robust corporate culture, contributing to the overall success of the organization.

Managers at our company set clear expectations to provide employees with a well-defined path towards their goals and the necessary steps to achieve them. Regular performance discussions, which can be initiated by either the manager or the employee, encourage active engagement from both parties in giving and receiving feedback. Within our workplace, recognition is a consistent practice, targeted towards genuine successes, aimed at reinforcing our values, and serving as a reward for positive and desirable behaviors.

Embark on a career where your expertise is valued, your opinions shape the future, and innovation is the norm. Join us in redefining the boundaries of business intelligence within a financially robust and technologically advanced company.