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Considering a new BI Consultancy?


  • SEK┬á40,000 to SEK┬á70,000 SEK
  • Consultant Role
  • Skills: Microsoft BI, BI, BI & Data, SQL, Azure, Data Factory, Data Bricks, Consultant, BI Consultant, BI Developer, Data Warehouse
  • Level: Mid-level

Job description

Considering a new BI Consultancy?


You want new projects or a new work environment?

Perhaps it's too much overtime or not enough excitement?

Maybe you just need a fresh new start? ­čĺşÔťĘ

So where do you start looking for a different Consultancy to join?

Psst.... I have all the information you need right here:


A consultancy specialised in Microsoft BI Solutions as they foster a close relationship with Microsoft, with a focus on innovation and have a fantastic track record of taking people's career to the next level, no matter the professional level you sit at currently. Whether you are a Junior or Senior consultant, there are opportunities for you here. The company adopts a fantastic atmosphere with open dialogue and communication due to its flat structure. Additionally, they maintain a vibrant social culture with activities beyond the workplace.


This consultancy specializes in Microsoft-focused BI & Data warehouse solutions and has extensive expertise in the business. They provide consulting services to larger clients and also have their own clientele in various industries, such as Banking, Insurance, Finance, Public Sector, Retail, and start-ups. Their unique client service involves managing Data environments through on-site Swedish consultants, ensuring there has been no one on the bench at any point during the past 1.5 years.

If you're passionate about a vibrant and dynamic start-up culture, this opportunity may be a perfect fit for you, as every employee has the chance to become a shareholder and part-owner.


Be a part of a tight-knit team comprising 20 skilled professionals within a vast and diverse consultancy firm. They hold the forefront as a digital accelerator, driving innovation and fostering sustainable value creation. By seamlessly integrating business design and software engineering, they breathe life into digital enterprises. They offer consultants the opportunity to have fast career progression with a steep learning curve with meaningful projects, an open culture with outstanding work-life balance.

You will collaborate with global teams on customer projects encompassing maintenance, development, and consulting. Your tasks will span the entire life cycle, and you'll have the opportunity to work across various business domains.

­čôú­čôú­čôú­čôú­čôú AND ­čôú­čôú­čôú­čôú­čôú

These are just a handful of the consultancy firms I work closely with in Sweden, I ensure I work with a diverse selection of clients so that you can truly find what will be your best fit!

So if you want to find out what consultancy opportunities could be waiting for you, please send over your CV and apply today.

Please note, at present, all Swedish consultancy clients require full professional fluency in Swedish language.