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Data Analysts and Engineers | High Tenure | Advanced Analytics


Job description

Data Analysts and Engineers | High Tenure | Advanced Analytics

NFI - 28.12.2022_1672914505

This company aim is to help their customers reach their potential and recognise that this is through data. Their focus is to provide services in the realms of business development, analytics and data. Owed to their experience they view that taking this approach from different perspectives is the best way to help their customers.

They are a consultancy leading the way in data driven transformations through understanding their client's needs and ensuring the right skills are assembled to deliver their end-to-end solutions.

They're looking for people to join their team to help them on this mission and join their family, which is exactly what you will be. Here you will be joining a workforce who has an average tenure of 7+ years and as such you will be a member of a company that really cares about their employees and produces a happy and fulfilling work environment.

Working with notable companies from all areas including finance, music, and energy here is the opportunity for your work to have deep variety and range. Here you will be working on interesting projects and with the latest technology.As an example with one of their clients they built a new data platform in the cloud and data streams with a focus on ML.

An Ideal Candidate will…

* Practical experience with Cloud platform (GCP, AWS, Azure)
* Skilled in Python and SQL
* Experience building data pipelines through Airflow, Matillion, Data Factory or similar
* Experience of data modelling

Bonus if…

* Experience using BigQuery, terraform, DBT and data studio

They're looking for an individual who at a personal level they are looking for someone who is curious an constantly seeking to expand their knowledge and learn new things. As a company with a strong and lasting workforce they want someone who will fit in well with their team and share their love for creating value through data.

What can they offer you….

* You will be involved in a experienced company whose employees are genuinely happy and cared for as reflected in their 7+ yrs tenure
* They developed their own state of the art platform in the cloud, as such this will be used as a platform not only for the company but for your own use and learning . Here there is an emphasis on external learning and if you'd like to expand your knowledge in another area then this can be facilitated.
* Interesting and current projects within modern and niche industries
* Senior colleagues keen to share their knowledge within the field

Does this sound interesting to you? I'd love to go more in depth about this company an whether this could be the next step for you. Simply reply with your email or send me a message and we can arrange a time to call.

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