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Freelance Azure Engineer


  • Developer/Programmer Role
  • Skills: Azure, DevOps, Terraform, Ansible, IaC, Kubernetes, Docker, Vault, SUUS, Rancher, .Net, C#, Jenkins
  • Level: Senior

Job description

Freelance Azure Engineer


Freelance Azure Cloud Engineer Opportunity

Are you a skilled Azure Cloud Engineer ready to take on exciting freelance projects? Look no further!

I'm currently seeking a talented Azure Cloud Engineer to collaborate on a range of cloud-based initiatives. If you're passionate about Azure, have a knack for optimizing cloud environments, and thrive on solving complex challenges, let's connect.

Key Responsibilities:

* Design, deploy, and manage Azure solutions.
* Optimize cloud resources for performance and cost-efficiency.
* Implement robust security and compliance measures.
* Troubleshoot and resolve Azure-related issues.
* Collaborate with clients to understand their unique needs.

If you're ready to take your Azure expertise to the freelance world and work on diverse projects, let's chat. Apply below

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