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Project Operations Manager


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Project Operations Manager


Project Operations Manager

Project Operations Manager - Allerød

One of Denmark's most respected e-commerce companies is looking to hire a Project Operations Manager to join their offices in Allerød. The company is focusing on creating the best experiences for their customers and for this reason, they are optimising their development and project management teams and you can be part of this journey. In this role, you will run business processes, set up projects, prioritise tasks and make sure that all technical projects are delivered correctly. You will work closely with the Technical Project Managers, and other departments, and work towards the goal of efficient project execution.

Roles and Responsibilities:

* You will be the Project Operations Manager for all of the projects ran by the Technical Project Management team.
* You will be work closely with the development teams, acting as a support and answering operations and coordination questions.
* You will run big, unique projects throughout the year related to e-commerce and sales days.
* You with ensure there is unity and coherence across all channels.


* Strong experience in Project Coordination/Management roles.
* Experience with e-commerce is a bonus.
* You will have a relevant IT background or interest in IT systems.
* You will have a strong understanding of working with data.
* You will be able to bring in your unique perspective to effect the present and future of the Project Management team.


* A culture that encourages both professional and personal development at an established company.
* Autonomy over you work in a company that is on a digital journey.
* A professional yet fun environment with likeminded, ambitious people.
* A strong salary and benefits package that corresponds with the expectations and requirements of the role and your skillset.

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