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Ref: AzureAWSDevOps_1702566706

Multcloud DevOps Engineer


  • Developer/Programmer Role
  • Skills: Azure, aws, DevOps, Terraform, Ansible, IaC, Kubernetes, Docker, Vault, SUUS, Rancher, .Net, C#, Jenkins
  • Level: Senior

Job description

Multcloud DevOps Engineer


About Us: Join our forward-thinking team as a Freelance Multi-Cloud DevOps Engineer and contribute to the success of our technology partnership. We are seeking a skilled individual who is passionate about optimizing and automating multi-cloud infrastructure. If you have expertise in DevOps and are ready to collaborate with a technology partner in Stockholm, we invite you to apply.

Job Description: As a Freelance Multi-Cloud DevOps Engineer, you will work closely with our technology partner in Stockholm to design, implement, and optimize multi-cloud solutions. Your role will involve collaborating remotely and occasionally on-site to ensure seamless integration of DevOps practices and infrastructure across multiple cloud environments.

Key Responsibilities:

* Design and implement multi-cloud DevOps solutions for optimal performance and scalability.
* Collaborate with the technology partner in Stockholm to understand project requirements.
* Automate deployment, scaling, and management of applications on various cloud platforms.
* Implement CI/CD pipelines and ensure efficient release processes.
* Monitor and optimize system performance, security, and reliability.
* Troubleshoot and resolve issues related to infrastructure and deployments.
* Stay updated on industry best practices and emerging technologies in multi-cloud environments.
* Contribute to documentation and knowledge sharing with the technology partner.


* Proven experience as a DevOps Engineer with expertise in multi-cloud environments.
* Strong proficiency in scripting and automation (e.g., Bash, Python).
* Experience with configuration management tools (e.g., Ansible, Terraform).
* Knowledge of containerization and orchestration technologies (Docker, Kubernetes).
* Familiarity with multiple cloud platforms (e.g., AWS, Azure, GCP).
* Understanding of CI/CD pipelines and version control systems (e.g., Git).
* Excellent problem-solving and communication skills.
* Availability for occasional on-site collaboration in Stockholm.


* Competitive freelance compensation.
* Opportunities for professional development and continuous learning.
* Collaborative and innovative work environment.
* Flexible work arrangements.

If you are a skilled Freelance Multi-Cloud DevOps Engineer ready to collaborate with a dynamic technology partner in Stockholm, we want to hear from you. Apply now and be a key player in our mission to deliver optimized and efficient technology solutions.