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Chief Technology Officer (CTO)


Job description

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)


Are you a tech lead, engineering manager, or CTO? Is your current role stagnating and making you wish for a new challenge? Then look no further, for I am looking for a permanent CTO for one of our clients.

The client
Our client is a family-owned company that owns and manages companies operating primarily in the automotive, mobility, construction, and real estate industries. The Group has more than 7,500 employees in thirteen countries now, and its IT department has been growing. They are now at the start of a huge cloud transformation - as CTO, you would be leading that transformation and building/leading the team to support this.

The team
The IT department is 100 people strong and covers the following areas: BI, CRM, Development, DMS, ERP, Integrations, Project Management, Operations, Web, E-com and Support/Service Desk. Their tech stack is currently completely Microsoft based: Azure, C#/.NET.

The role
As CTO, your focus would be to centralise, consolidate, and harmonise the IT-environment to better meet the demands of the business and its customers, both on support but also on digitisations, integration, security and performance. You would own and drive all development from a technical aspect (hosting, how to set-up servers, best place to host the database, etc...) You'd also support all development teams in the company with choosing the right tech and path forward.

To begin with, this role will be more technical with no personnel responsibilities so they can dig deep into the tech and make sure they're on track and if they need to realign. In the future there will be more managerial tasks, especially as the team grows and the technical road map is sorted.

The office
The company boast the most modern, desirable hub in the area. Located just outside (south of) the centre of Gothenburg, equipped with cutting edge facilities; in-house gym, paddle courts, restaurants, high-spec technical equipment. Parking is on-site and free of charge.

To be eligible
These are the requirements for the role, put simply:

To be the right personality to thrive in this role, you will need to find it fun to dig deep into details and work with these on a daily basis. You also need to be able to act as the will be the bridge between tech and operations; there are around 12 key people in the operative teams that you will be collaborating with on a daily basis, as well as the 100 people within the IT division itself. For this reason, this role is a fully in-office role.

* Experience working in a Microsoft environment and working hands-on with Azure, with a strong understanding of software development methodologies and best practices - previous experience working with C#/.NET.
* 5+ years of experience in technology leadership roles: this includes Tech Lead, CTO, Engineering Manager, etc.
* Proven experience developing and implementing technology strategies.

What you will get as CTO
As CTO and member of my client's amazing IT department, you will get:

* 75,000 - 95,000 SEK per month (experience depending).
* 3500 SEK wellness allowance, insurance, pension, car allowance, half-price car servicing, discounts on buying/leasing a car, discounts on insurances.
* The ability to really shape the technical environment for a highly successful and well regarded company.
* Access to the cutting-edge offices.
* An opportunity to be a highly influential part of a large organisation's digital transformation, meeting a tonne amazing people along the way. A lot of networking opportunities as CTO within a large reputable, well known organisation.
* If you have been CTO of small to medium-sized companies and want something bigger, this is an ideal opportunity. It'll also take your CV to the next level if you have aspirations of one day getting those huge CTO compensation packages that you see in the news.

If this role sounds like it could be a good career move for you, please apply here, or fire any questions over to