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Computer Vision Engineer


Job description

Computer Vision Engineer


Computer Vision Engineer (m/f/d)

Job Overview

In the realm of Information Technology and especially in the field of Artificial Intelligence, we find powerful catalysts driving cutting-edge solutions for the future of timekeeping services. Computer vision stands at the forefront, redefining the boundaries of what's achievable in terms of comprehending sports performance analysis and assessment. As a Computer Vision Engineer in this role, your responsibilities encompass the development of Computer Vision frameworks, applications, and systems (using C++).

Your primary focus will be on seamlessly integrating hardware components, such as camera systems and data transmission technologies, into the software ecosystem. This involves crafting and implementing architectural and product design concepts while leading software testing efforts. Additionally, you'll undertake the review, optimisation, and maintenance of our existing solutions. This extends to adapting and customising existing frameworks, solutions, and technologies to meet new and specific use cases.

Furthermore, you'll provide support and training to software users and operators, along with producing software documentation. To ensure our technical knowledge remains up-to-date, you'll regularly analyse the market landscape and the current state of research.

Candidate Profile

As a qualified candidate, you possess a strong command of version control tools and work flows (Git) and a successful track record in software engineering. Proficiency in programming languages such as Python or Mat lab, coupled with experience in data science, would be advantageous. You also bring a solid understanding of machine learning, deep learning, and a strong knowledge of industrial camera technologies and UI development.

Your approach is characterised by structured, systematic teamwork, underpinned by excellent communication and problem-solving skills. You are solution-oriented and maintain an optimistic mindset, constantly striving for improvement. Flexibility for occasional international travel (approximately 20%) is required.

Professional Requirements

* Bachelor's or Master's degree in Software Engineering, Computer Science, or a related field
* Exceptional proficiency in software development using C++
* Strong expertise in image processing and computer vision


* Fluent in English
* Proficiency in French or German would be advantageous