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Senior .NET / Azure Developer


Job description

Senior .NET / Azure Developer


If you are a dedicated .NET back-end focused developer who is addicted to coding, but likes to get involved in full project life-cycles, this one's for you...

Very much like me, and maybe you, my client started out in the 90's. Their success came from connecting modern (at the time) software to an industry that was very manual and physical: Tolling/customs. The company was very successful, so much so that a larger company then came and bought them in order to secure business in that part of the market. If you can't beat them, buy them, as they say (sort of).

Anyway, skip to 2022 and the company have been bought out AGAIN, but this time by a huge logistics company. As a result, this hire comes with rather deep pockets, and huge opportunities to progress.

Here's what to expect, and what is expected:

Narnia: The team, the role, and the responsibilities (doesn't have the same ring to it)
In the beginning, the company was less than 10 people. Now it's 10,000. Your team will consist of around 10 people, comprising of 2 legacy lovers (god bless them), and 2 developers who are solely focused on making the new solution which is an add-on aimed to modernise the existing one. You'll be a key part of this modernisation, which includes greenfield development of this new add-on, and updating and improving the existing model. Here are other parts of what the role besides raw coding:

* Study information needs, confer with users, and investigate problem areas to develop software solutions.
* Determine operational feasibility by evaluating analysis, requirements, and proposed solutions.
* Document and demonstrate solutions by creating documentation, flowcharts, and clear code.
* Prepare and install solutions by determining system specifications and standards, and participating in educational opportunities to improve people's job knowledge and skills, including your own.

The requirements

* Ideally between 3 and 6 years of hands-on development experience using C# .NET, and experience with MS SQL.
* Hands-on experience with Azure Cloud, to help with the modernisation.
* Senior responsibilities in previous roles.
* Swedish or Danish fluency.

The bonus requirements
So these aren't hard requirements, but if you have any of this, it'll make you more favourable:

* Experience working with or alongside JavaScript (their front-end is JavaScript).
* Experience working in logistics, but especially tolling/customs.
* Prior experience, knowledge, or strong desire to work with AI and Machine Learning.

The benefits
So the company still has the same roots, the same family feel as it did in the 90s. But the takeover means that there are a lot more possibilities. Think of it like this: You go on a date, you meet someone really nice, really down-to-earth, a total sweetheart. And their parents are loaded!

In Lehman's terms, here's what that means:

* The opportunity to grow within a huge company who span across the world. The parent company who have taken over our client have just frozen hires as well, so this is your only chance to get into the organisation right now.
* Great salary package: up-to, well, how long is a piece of string (for the right person). But also a great pension, wellness allowances, etc...
* Our client has a big foothold in Denmark, so travel opportunities to your neighbour country are something you could expect in the near future.
* Having this on your CV will look amazing further down the line, whether you choose to stay within the organisation or not. If you want to go from a good developer to a great developer, and have the chance to go into leadership, this is where you can do it!

You know what to do
If you know a good thing when you see it, apply through the link, or email me at to show your interest and ask me any questions.

Bye for now!