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Systems Engineer (Linux) - Oslo


Job description

Systems Engineer (Linux) - Oslo


We are growing our Linux environment in Oslo and looking for you who want to work at the cutting-edge of technology!

You could be working on:

* Developing, configuring, automating and operating Linux-based infrastructure
* Container platforms such as Kubernetes
* Working end-to-end encompassing the design and optimisation of infrastructure

We are looking for you to bring some of the following experiences:

* Experience with Linux system administration
* Familiarity with configuration and orchestration of large linux environments
* Interest in designing, creating or managing OpenShift or other Kubernetes based platforms
* Experience with scripting
* Experience with technologies such as Terraform, Puppet, Ansible etc
* Certifications are beneficial

Why join us?

You will be part of an environment combining modern technology, a solid business understanding, and talented colleagues working together to deliver solutions which are innovative and sustainable

We identify industries and customers who can benefit most from digitalisation, and help them to understand the complex challenges and correct solutions for modernisation

With a flexible approach, you will be encouraged to experiment and try new technologies, with a strong investment and competence team behind you

As part of the initiative, you can participate in monthly professional and social group meetings, subject days, certification courses, innovation labs and hackathons

In addition to this, you will receive a competitive compensation package with good insurance and pension schemes with private health insurance, company cabins, contributions to the fitness centre, and a extra weeks' vacation per year!

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