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AI Engineer - Oslo


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AI Engineer - Oslo


We are looking to grow our cloud and data environment further with an AI Engineer!

With a reputation for delivering software and cloud projects, we are now looking to expand our offerings to utilise the potential within AI

With a strong customer base established over 25 years, we work end-to-end on projects which have a real impact on society and stakeholders

Our previous work can be seen within companies across the power and energy market, the healthcare sector, and increasingly with scale-ups and smaller companies around Oslo

What will you work with?


Solution Design and Development: you will work closely with clients to understand their business objectives and AI needs. Design and develop AI models, algorithms, and solutions tailored to address specific challenges and opportunities.

Prototyping and POC Development: Develop proof-of-concept solutions to demonstrate the feasibility and potential impact of AI initiatives. Iterate and refine solutions based on feedback and insights gathered during client engagements.

Deployment and Integration: Deploy solutions into production environments, integrating them seamlessly with existing systems and workflows. Collaborate with DevOps and IT teams to ensure smooth deployment and ongoing maintenance of AI applications.

Evaluation and Performance Monitoring: Evaluate the effectiveness and performance of deployed AI solutions, monitoring key metrics and KPIs to measure impact and ROI. Continuously improve and optimise AI models based on real-world feedback and usage patterns

What are we looking for in you?

* Bachelors and/or Masters in an IT, Engineering, or Computer Science related subject
* At least 3+ years of experience in a similar role - such as software engineering, data engineering, ML engineering
* You should have a strong programming background, preferably with proficiency in Python
* Experience with related cloud technologies - we have projects across Azure, AWS, GCP
* Familiarity with working towards agile and devops processes

We also hope you can bring experience in areas such as: data modelling, statistics, databases, datawarehousing, ETL, AI best practice

As part of a new department, there are opportunities to help define your own position, and bring your expertise to a wider team that is eager to learn. There are options internally to grow your own knowledge within development, data, ML, and security - with established teams in each of these areas

For any questions, or more information, contact Lucy on l.whiting@frankgroup.com