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Rif.: SSMJFI-200324_1711266535

AWS Cloud Engineer/Cloud Ops Engineer, Hybrid, GBP80,000


  • £70,000 to £85,000 GBP
  • Administrator Ruolo
  • Competenze: AWS, Linux, Terraform, AWS Solutions Associate Certificate, Terraform, Linux, Azure, Redhat, Cost optimisation, Networking
  • Livello: Senior

Descrizione posizione

AWS Cloud Engineer/Cloud Ops Engineer, Hybrid, GBP80,000


AWS Cloud Engineer/Cloud Ops Engineer/Systems Engineer, (AWS, Linux, Redhat, Terraform, Networking)

Location: London, Hybrid

Salary: £80,000

Company: Renowned technology company

Are you ready to dive into the heart of AWS and Linux technology? Join our vibrant team in London and unleash your expertise to shape our DevOps landscape and dive into thrilling projects within the AWS ecosystem.


* Embark on the adventure of managing multi-cloud environments on a daily basis.
* Craft and deploy innovative solutions that set the standard in the industry.
* Lead the charge in implementing large-scale AWS projects within Enterprise environments.
* Keep a vigilant eye on our infrastructure and applications, leveraging the power of tools like CloudWatch, Solarwinds, New Relic, and more.
* Take the reins in driving cost efficiency, enhancing security measures, and turbocharging performance.
* Navigate the exciting transition from IaaS solutions to the realm of serverless technology.
* Fortify our AWS solutions with ironclad security practices.
* Fine-tune network performance for maximum speed and availability while keeping costs in check.


* Hold the prestigious title of AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate or Professional.
* Boast mastery in Linux, especially RedHat.
* Command experience with Terraform, the tool of choice for cloud infrastructure management.
* Showcase your prowess in designing, implementing, and maintaining AWS solutions that dazzle.
* Demonstrate ownership and leadership in steering large-scale AWS projects to success.
* Navigate the tech terrain with ease, familiarizing yourself with monitoring tools like CloudWatch, Solarwinds, New Relic, and beyond.
* Drive the charge in optimizing costs, ramping up security, and enhancing performance.
* Navigate the landscape of transitioning IaaS solutions to the thrilling world of serverless tech.
* Harness the power of security best practices in AWS with finesse.
* Master the art of optimizing network performance for a seamless experience.

If you're fueled by passion for Linux, AWS, and Networking and crave an opportunity to leave your mark on a renowned technology company, don't hesitate to send your latest CV to S.malik@jeffersonfrank.com or call 0191 338 7568.

Join us and let's forge the future of our DevOps journey together!